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How Safaricom’s Beba Sasa, Lipa Pole Pole Purchase plan works

Safaricom and KCB have once again partnered for another product. This time the product is called “Beba Sasa, Lipa Pole Pole” which simply translates to “Carry now, pay slowly“. This is a hire-purchase plan that enables customers to buy phones. or tablets, or any other devices from Safaricom Shops at what Safaricom argues is 0% interest, through a KCB Credit Card.

What to know:

  • The devices one can buy are specified in a list provided by Safaricom.
  • One can choose to pay in monthly installments of 3, 4, 5 or 6 months.
  • Safaricom will outline how much you are expected to pay monthly based on the phone’s price, and number of months you choose to pay.
  • There’s 0% interest
  • One MUST HAVE a valid KCB Credit Card

HOW Beba Sasa Lipa Pole Pole works:

  • Browse through Safaricom’s list of devices, and make up your mind on what you want
  • Download the application form (here)
  • Fill the form with necessary details including your KCB Credit Card ? Number, the phone you want to buy, and the number of monthly installments you choose. You can fill it manually or electronically (it hasn’t been specified).
  • In the form, state where you want to pick the device (Any Safaricom Shop near you)
  • If manually filled, scan the document. If electronically filled, and signed, you’re good.
  • Email the form to
  • Wait for KCB to review the application form. You should get a yes/no response in 24hrs
  • If you get a positive confirmation, go to the specified Safaricom Shop with your ID and KCB Credit Card.
  • Collect your device.

Currently the list provided has devices ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S10 to a Huawei Modem. Here it is. I expect this will keep changing over time with newer devices, and newer deals.

NOTE: Phones bought through Safaricom are all SINGLE-SIM phones. So don’t go buying expecting to use two SIM cards. Also, most devices in Safaricom Shops are higher priced than say buying from Online Stores, or other offline retailer shops.

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