Little now allows you to call a Driver to drive your car for you

Little Taxi App is introducing a new category on their platform that will allow people to be able to request for Chauffeurs to come drive them in their vehicles.

In an email to customers, the company has said:

We are pleased to introduce a new category on our app – Drive Me – that allows you to hail a driver to drive your car when you are not in a position to.

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The company says “Drive Me” which is the first feature of its kind in Kenya, gives you the convenience of ‘hiring’ a driver to drive your car giving you complete peace of mind. They describe this as being perfect for nights out.

If you want to hail a driver follow these steps:

  1. Open your Little app
  2. Select your destination
  3. Select “Drive Me” category
  4. Request for a driver

The option for selecting a preferred driver is still also present under this category. Which works well if you’re skeptical of just any driver coming to drive your car.

I’m waiting to see how this works, and if Kenyans will allow strangers to pick them up. Also, who will be the drivers coming to pick you up, and where will they be leaving their cars?


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