Samsung has sold 1 Million Galaxy FOLDs

You’ll remember when Samsung brought the Galaxy FOLD to Kenya, all the units they’d brought sold out. This was unexpected given the device in Kenya costs way over KES. 200,000.

Well Samsung Electronic’s President during TechCrunch Disrupt has said they’ve managed to sell one million Galaxy FOLDs this year. Yes. ONE MILLION units for a $2000 phone!

There’s two way I can view this news:

  • Wow – Foldables are the next thing. The sales are proof enough
  • Nooooo – This may justify even higher prices for next year’s flagships.

Now, to break down these two view points:

  • WOW – I believe Foldables will be everywhere in the future. I don’t know how it’ll happen. Neither do I know what format they’ll be in. But I know that crazy things in tech end up happening one way or another.

Are the Galaxy FOLD sales proof? Yes, and No.
a. because why else are these many people buying?, and
b. because Samsung did a good job to make a first-gen beta device actually good for use.
because rich people will buy anything crazy priced – including bananas with duct tapes.

  • NOOOO – I hope companies don’t take this as an excuse to make even more expensive crazy flagships in the next year. This isn’t a major major concern anyway because, budget phones sell, a lot! And they’re getting really good.

According to reports, Samsung plans on selling over 6 Million Foldable devices in 2020. How they’ll do this I can’t wait to see. I am guessing they’ll launch two new products that will be more affordable.

I am looking forward to all the knock offs and copy-cat affordable foldables that will be launching in the next months. I know they’ll be there, and I can’t wait to see just how good or bad they’ll look. Currently, if you want a cheap Foldable phone, you should check Pablo Escobar’s brother’s new phone that costs just $350.

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