The next iPhone may feature a 64MP Camera

The upcoming iPhone 12 may feature a huge 64MP main lens. This will be the company’s first major move in terms of camera megapixels. Since the iPhone 6s, Apple has used 12MP sensors for its main lenses. What a year it will be! Many companies are getting into this megapixel race once again.

The leaks and rumours also talk about how the other lenses will be greatly improved. Apple may be bringing night mode to all the lenses, better HDR and other improvements.

The new phone, which is expected in September, will also have a new design at the front, bigger batteries, new processing power, 5G support and other upgrades.

I believe the 64MP camera, like all huge cameras we’ve seen on phones, will still take 12MP pictures. I don’t know if Apple will allow users to take full 64MP photos. But I know this upgrade will be significant.

Apple has of late really made changes to their approach with devices. From getting them thicker to accommodate more battery, to switching back to old keyboards on the Macbook line-up, to being rumoured to be considering USB type-C for all devices. I think the new iPhone will really have a powerful smartphone camera, and I can’t wait to see the noise online once it launches.

We can expect crazy megapixel count on many smartphones going forward. Samsung has already launched the S20 Ultra with a 108MP camera. Xiaomi also has a phone with a 108MP sensor, and other companies too will launch phones with the same soon. Transsion is promising 64MP cameras on their TECNO phones, but I believe the first will have 48MP sensors. Huawei has a lot of phones with 48MP sensors. 12MP cameras are dead, effective September.


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