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PayPal users in Kenya on Safaricom network cannot log in as 2FA codes are not being received

UPDATE: This seems to have been fixed. Works okay on my end, but I used a VPN and got the code.

If you’re in Kenya and you haven’t been able to log in to your PayPal account for the past 1-2 weeks, you’re not alone. It is an issue that’s affecting almost everyone with a Safaricom SIM Card, and who has enabled two-factor authentication on their PayPal account. You’re not able to get the verification code required to log in.

Please note that I’ve only seen Kenyans complain, so I don’t know if this is an issue affecting other users around the world.

I noticed it about 5 days ago. Once I hit login, approved the security check, and hit send code to phone, nothing was going on. I contacted Safaricom to ask, they said the issue could be with PayPal. I asked PayPal, first they said I should ask my network provider, then later they said the issue could be my phone’s reception. Crazy.

PayPal users in Kenya on Safaricom Network cannot log in as 2FA codes are not being received
It could be your network…

I kept pestering them, and two days ago, on Monday 9th March, they said this was a known issue they’re working on. Funny thing is there has been no official communication since then, and if you check complaints online, there’s no mention in the responses, that this is an issue the company is aware of. And even as I publish this, the issue hasn’t been resolved.

PayPal users in Kenya on Safaricom Network cannot log in as 2FA codes are not being received
Confirming it is a known issue…

If you don’t have 2FA enabled, you’re probably wondering what this post is about. 2FA makes logins more secure. Once I’ve used my password, I need that one time code to confirm it is really me. PayPal sends it over via SMS. And the issue now is that this SMS isn’t being received.

Funny thing is my automated payments on PayPal are okay. I get emails that I’ve paid for this and that. I get emails that I’ve received money, but I cannot log in to my account.

This isn’t the first time users in Kenya are having issues with PayPal. After the PayPal – M-Pesa collaboration was announced, one morning Kenyans woke up and their accounts had all been blocked over fraud. That was quickly fixed. But there was never a formal statement from the company to users over the matter.



  1. Called US PayPal during working hours 6AM-6PM PT. Got transferred to PayPal Kenya. Issue got resolved yester night..I got code.Try

  2. Thanks for the great article. I’m experiencing the same. They say one can call their numbers to cancel the 2FA but does not go through for me. Anyone who has tried 1-402-517-4519?

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