Mi BOX S receiving new wave of Android 9 Pie with March 2020 Security Patch

The Mi Box S was updated to Android 9 Pie in the second week of January 2020. Turns out this update was full of bugs, and issues. If you have the Mi Box S, there must have been a thing or two you noticed that didn’t work properly. For example on my end:

  • Under Display settings, the device defaulted to 720p 60Hz even when connected to a 4K display.
  • With Netflix, audio refused to play from the woofer, only playing from the TV’s speakers
  • Sometimes the remote completely refused to work, and I had to restart the device.

Anyway, I personally didn’t know that the January 2020 update had been halted. I thought these were issues that would be fixed as time went by. But it seems, Xiaomi held back everything so as to push out one major update.

If you have the Mi Box S, and you’ve always wondered why your unit hasn’t received Android 9 Pie, well it’s because the update had been held back. But you should now receive the full official stable update.

As usual for me with my Mi Box S, after an update, I reset my device completely. I never have a lot on it anyway, so resetting is easy and ensures I don’t have any compatibility issues arising, or weird problems. You can do that if you want, but given that this is a ‘stable’ update – possibly tested for a while now – you may not need to.

If you’re moving from Android 8 to Android 9, this may be a big update for you, and you’ll notice new stuff:

  • Small visual tweaks 
  • New Settings App 
  • March 4th 2020 Security Patch 
  • Prime Video – now available pre-installed.
  • New Setup Procedure 

If you’re among the people who received the January 2020 update the new things you may notice are:

  • bug fixes – so Netflix audio now works, but the 5.1 logo is gone
  • Under Sound settings Dobly Audio has disappeared, you can only see DTS sounds
  • Under display settings, it defaults to 4K 60Hz automatically, no issues
  • Google Assistant is fully functional from the get go.

Update your Mi Box S now, and share any new things you’ve noticed. It is a 654MB update.

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  1. dropping networking while Mi Box off. So it’s not available to cast. And cast devices like a google home couldn’t be able to wake up box, wake up TV via CEC.

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