Monday, January 17, 2022

How to send a WhatsApp Message without saving a number

So you’re frustrated about having to save new numbers before texting them through WhatsApp. It is crazy that Facebook is yet to implement this on WhatsApp. Many are forced to save the number, open WhatsApp to text, and then, later on, delete the number. Sometimes you forget to delete the number, only to find them viewing your WhatsApp Statuses. Given Facebook’s new beliefs in Privacy, they should make it possible to hide numbers completely so that you can contact strangers via WhatsApp without them seeing your phone number.

There’s a simple way to send WhatsApp messages to numbers you have not saved on your phone. Here is how I do it:

  • Copy the number you want to send message to. For example, let’s use Safaricom’s 0720000000
  • Go to your Phone’s Browser
  • Enter this link on your browser: or and then
  • Add the country code for the number you want to message: For example, Kenya’s code is 254
  • So it becomes
  • Then paste the number you want to send message to so that it becomes
  • Make sure there’s no spacing between the numbers. then enter to visit the link
  • You will get a prompt as shown below, so you can click on MESSAGE and WhatsApp will launch new conversation to the number. is an easy to remember link. Now you don’t have to keep saving numbers, and deleting them so as to WhatsApp them.

Hopefully, Facebook fixes these issues soon: 1. Make it doable from within the app. 2. Improve privacy by hiding numbers from strangers. Telegram does it, doesn’t it? What are your thoughts?



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