Zuku launches ‘fastest internet speeds in Kenya’ with new 500Mbps package

Wananchi Group Limited is announcing the introduction of what they claim is the fastest internet speed package in Kenya at 500Mbps. This will be available under their Triple Play 500Mbps package which they say brings to customers three services for the price of one. So customers will, according to an official statement shared by the company, enjoy access to 500Mbps in internet speeds, access to Digital TV channels, and access to home telephony at KES. 2 a minute, under one package.

At the end of 2019, Safaricom for the first time became the number one provider of fixed internet services beating Zuku. However, according to data shared in April this year, Zuku grew its connection and increased its customer base within the first quarter of the year, making them reclaim their spot.

Zuku’s 500Mbps claim cannot be ascertained by us as we don’t have access to their service, and neither have we recently used their internet. However, if the company is to be believed – especially since their website currently DOES NOT list the 500Mbps package – then on paper they are right about having the fastest speeds. Safaricom’s highest speed offering for Home Fibre, as is listed on their website, is currently only 40Mbps.

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Update 12.20 PM 14th Sept – Zuku has updated website to list 100, 200 and 500Mbps speeds. Pricing hasn’t been included as yet.

Zuku launches 'fastest internet speeds in Kenya' with new 500MBPS package
Screenshot of all packages currently listed on Zuku’s website.

Only the people living in neighbourhoods where Zuku is available can test the 500Mbps offering and tell us if its the real deal. The company also claims to have 100Mbps and 200Mbps packages under their Triple Play packages, but from their website, we cannot see these packages listed and neither can we find a breakdown of the prices. Under the page showing areas Zuku Fibre is available, we have seen the listing of 30Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, and 250Mbps.

To celebrate this 500Mbps Triple Play Package, the company says they will be upgrading speeds of its current packages to twice their current speeds. This campaign will be dubbed “Twice the Speed X2” and will be part of their efforts to entice new customers. They’ve shared that:

  • Triple Play 10Mbps will be KES. 2,799
  • Triple Play 20Mbps will be KES. 4,199 and
  • Triple Play 60Mbps will be KES. 5,299
  • 100, 200, and 500Mbps prices haven’t been shared.

The company has said it is pledging to continue innovating and adapting its packages to the new emerging customer trends so as to fully satisfy them. Let us know in the comments section if you’ve used the 100 and 200Mbps packages, and what your thoughts on the same are.



  1. Unlike other subscribers I read about, the service availed to us has been much better, speeds are consistent and occasional downtime is sorted quickly, where ever there is the older Co ax cable connection the upload speeds are slower, am told this is due to the system limitations but we have another connection where the system is on Fibre the up & down speeds match, experience with JTL /Faiba has been worse as their service reps are only messengers & cannot offer any solutions

  2. Veery poor services..they conned me to paying a package of 1999/- only to change after two months and requiring me to pay 2751/-..the tv chennels in the package were the normal kenyan stations…i pulled and bought now happy.

  3. It doesn’t matter what speeds they say they have, as long as we the customers continue to get only a fraction of the service we pay for, it’s the the crapiest offering in the market.

  4. I used zuku at a building that didn’t have safaricom available. Paid for the 10mbps and had internet for all of about 1 week of that entire month. No help from customer service whatsoever. I had to move house to a safaricom connected building since I work remotely. They can keep their 500mbps with the service they currently offer.

  5. I was once a customer of Zuku but am currently a customer of safaricom. My experience was different. I never had any downtime issues with Zuku (surprisingly, not even once). With safaricom, it’s the order of the day especially in the days leading up to my billing date. So why did i switch? While Zuku is more affordable and has higher download speeds, their upload speeds are atrocious. A simple fix to that problem would win them so many customers.

  6. Your prices are too steep especially for home use. That’s why you find in an apartment of 30 houses, less than ten house holds are connected. This to me is lost income considering the infrastructure you have put in place. I believe volumes will give you profits and economies of large scale production.
    I once asked a zuku agent why they insist on connecting and charging individual houses in a large apartment instead of just coming up with a package that will be attractive to all tenants in the building and the reply was that that is between the tenants and the landlord. Then I asked him again, who is looking for business here? and he replied Zuku. I have rested my case ever since.

  7. Before they announce such crazy speeds, they should first work their customer care; it’s among the worst I have ever come across.
    Secondly, they should either investigate their employees for fraudly sharing or stealing client’s internet bandwidth or the company itself not being sincere about the contracts signed with clients.The experience with Zuku service has been the worst I have ever experienced this year especially after subscribing for office (20 mbps) package for a whole year.
    No one responds to client’s issues.;

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