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I can’t wait for the next generation Apple Silicon Macs

When Apple announced the ‘One more thing’ event a few weeks back, I was – as everyone else – excited to see what comes next for the Macs. I wanted to see what Apple Silicon could achieve. I watched lots of videos where people speculated on what was to come, and I couldn’t wait to see who was right and who was wrong. I couldn’t wait to see the big claims Apple would make on the stage, then wait for the reviews to really show us what the shift to ARM actually felt like.

I didn’t expect a couple of things however:

  1. That Apple would launch 3 new Macs – especially the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13-inch which had just recently updated with new keyboards, and new internals.
  2. Really astonishing performance – Have you seen how every reviewer is saying how great the performance is, even with unoptimised apps? Crazy that a MacBook Air is benchmarking higher than a 16-inch Intel i9 MacBook Pro. What the actually heck?
  3. Such a huge leap in battery life – Yes, I expected better battery life, no I didn’t expect the leap to be so massive. Like I was watching MKBHD’s review of the new Macs with the M1 chip, and I literally felt pain hearing about the exceptional battery life he was getting.

I recently got the MacBook Pro 13-inch early-2020 model. And right now I hate Apple because they should have held us back from buying this device if they knew an updated late-2020 model would offer way better performance while offering double the battery life, at the same price. If I had waited I would definitely right now jump on the new MacBook Pro 13. For my work-flow – editing with Final Cut Pro, and typing lots of stuff – it would be a killer device with the great performance, and the unbeatable battery life. My consolation however is this: there will always be something better in a few months, and there’s no one who knows what Apple is planning come 2021.

I think being Apple’s first try, the M1 chips are really good, but there’s a lot more they must have held back before the transition is complete. I expect crazier numbers with the more powerful 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

For one, the design of the MacBooks has remained the same for a long time now. The bezels are still quite thick when very many other companies are pushing extremely futuristic and beautiful designs. Apple will definitely be looking to change that soon. Even if it will be a very minimal change.

Secondly, the M1 chip is Apple’s first Silicon meant to not only showcase what they can do, but also serve as the transition chips that help users and developers shift. Next year, they will definitely want to show more might. We should expect even crazier numbers, support for much more I/Os, and hopefully, even better battery life.

So while I am angry I didn’t wait for the late 2020 devices, I am hopeful the early 2021 devices will be way better, way faster, and will probably bring in fresh designs that will awe everyone – which means people jumping on the new M1 devices will feel pretty bad they didn’t wait for the refreshed designs. Yeah, I may just be consoling myself, but let’s wait and see. Personally, I can’t wait for the rumoured 14-inch MacBook Pro.

I think being Apple’s first try, the M1 chips are really good, but there’s a lot more they must have held back before the transition is complete. I expect crazier numbers with the more powerful 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. And I expect even crazier performance with the iMacs and Mac Pros to come. Remember to watch ColdFusion’s video on Apple Silicon: How Apple just changed the entire industry



  1. Apple products have good resale value. You should be able to get some decent money for your early 2020 Macbook in case you decide to sale. I also can’t wait for the M1 Macbook.

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