Canon Firmware Updates to cameras brings new features and recording formats

Canon Europe today announces a collection of firmware updates for several of its camcorders. Users of the XF405 / XF400 (Firmware, XA55 / XA50 (Firmware, XA40 (Firmware, Canon 4K Legria HF G60 and HF G50 (Firmware will all receive detailed firmware updates that will enhance creative ability, image quality and functionality.

Previously only able to record in MP4 150Mbs, users of the XA40 can now enjoy the professional format of XF-AVC via the update. The added recording format features additional metadata, giving users greater creative ability in post-production. The following XF-AVC recording modes have been added to the XA40:

  • 4K UHD – 3840×2160 – 29.97P / 23.98P / 25P
  • FHD – 1920×1080 – 59.94i / 59.94p / 50i / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 23.98p

All camcorders with available firmware updates will see a new feature, named Custom Picture, that allows users to adjust image settings such as, sharpness, saturation, skin detail and noise reduction. This new feature gives users enhanced creative flexibility. In addition to this, for improved customisation the camcorders will now be able to allocate additional features to assignable buttons, such as zebra, peaking and markers.

Updates to the XF405 / XF400 and XA55 / XA50 specifically add EOS Standard and Production Camera colour matrix to the custom picture parameter. For increased consistency across the final output’s look, users of these camcorders can now change the colour matrix to better match the image of other cameras on the same production. What’s more, such camcorders will also see Canon Log 3 added – giving users more dynamic range post-production.

The XF405 / XF400, XA55 / XA50, and HF G50 / HF G60 all receive improved autofocus accuracy when using zoom when updated – an important feature and an example of how Canon continues to enable high-quality results. Further recognising this, the XF405 / XF400 updates will also bring improved image quality when using Digital Zoom Advanced 30X mode – a positive enhancement for those that use FHD extended zoom.

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