Kenyan based start-up Ajua has partnered with MTN Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest providers of communications services, connecting over 76.5 million people in communities across Nigeria, to resolve challenges currently being faced by over 40 million SME businesses in Nigeria. MTN recently launched EnGauge, a digital eCommerce customer engagement management platform developed in partnership with Ajua. The platform is set to transform how SMEs conduct business in the country. The platform is set to solve 4 of the UNDPs social development goals for Nigeria while also enabling business owners to oversee the smooth administration of transactions and operations of their companies.

With the SME market in Nigeria currently valued at USD220 billion annually and statistics showing that businesses that adopt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions see their productivity increased by 40%, this solution by both Ajua and MTN Nigeria is set to significantly empower SMEs to conduct business more efficiently ultimately increase revenues.

Downloadable on the Google Play store, MTN EnGauge is an agile application that offers innovative customer management solutions which include digital payments, CRM tools, customer feedback channels, customer debt management and tracking as well as business and product promotions through mobile and social media channels. In mid 2020 Ajua launched SME Connect, a similar platform to serve the Kenyan market, businesses across the country are actively using the app for customer retention and as a marketplace for their products.

MTN EnGauge gives business owners a platform to improve their customer experience by managing interactions with their customers. SMEs can finally get an impression of their customers’ perceptions of their brand and  know exactly what their customers are looking for and inform their next steps with customer data. Ultimately increasing their customer retention and profitability. MTN EnGauge also makes it possible to increase brand exposure through social media. SMEs can take advantage of this connection by promoting their products and services on various social media platforms. 

Upon registration to the application, businesses are automatically provided with a unique business code (USSD) which allows their customers to interact, transact and communicate with them in real-time. The solution only available on the MTN network (for now) is accessible with an affordable monthly subscription of N500 and a yearly subscription of N5,500.

The application does not require the use of the internet once clients have logged in and obtained their unique business identifier (USSD code). MTN EnGauge also expands the variety of payment options thus increasing convenience to customers. The USSD code allows business owners to receive payment, obtain feedback from customers, enable customers to claim offers and promotions on their mobile devices.

Commenting on the new platform, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, MTN Nigeria, Lynda Saint-Nwafor said, “MTN EnGauge is the ideal platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive in the ‘new normal’. Entrepreneurs can securely receive payment, track transactions with each of their customers and glean valuable insights to serve them better based on their preferences and buying behaviour.”

Speaking on the app’s ability to promote growth of SMEs, Ajua CEO, Kenfield Griffith Shared, “Through this technology, MTN EnGauge  allows SMEs to increase their sales by automating their business processes, this can save them time and energy ultimately leading to increased productivity. In addition, SMEs will be able to improve their Customer Experience through the app and build a strong and engaging social media presence allowing them to target and engage new customers.”

To launch this innovative platform, the Telco giant alongside Ajua hosted a live event on Facebook on the 12th of March, where business owners were presented with benefits of adopting MTN EnGauge.

There has been an acceleration in the use of digital tools in the last year. Entrepreneurs have had to re-organise their core business models to maintain relevance. The EnGauge mobile application helps make this possible and seamless. Ajua has been scaling its operations in Nigeria since opening its office there in 2018, they recently appointed Tayo Ashiru to head operations as the Nigeria Country Lead.


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