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M-Shwari is now available on the NEW M-Pesa App

Safaricom appears to be quite serious about the NEW M-Pesa app I first talked about back at the beginning of December last year. Although I shared an article later on saying the new app is really good, people raise concerns about a couple of things still missing from the app. And it seems Safaricom is bringing these features to the new App.

For many, there’s no reason for Safaricom to work on a whole new M-Pesa app when the recently revamped mySafaricom App has every feature one could ever need. But for someone like myself, the new app is a killer, and I love and use it everyday despite the things it may lack.

With a recent update, one of those features is now available. Yes, M-Shwari is now available on the new M-Pesa app. You can find it under the Growth Tab. And you get to do everything within the app. No STK push for transactions.

From the new app access to loans, savings accounts, deposits and withdrawals is much easier compared to using the SIM Toolkit. But I know many people will find their way around challenging because although UI looks good, some things are hidden and the UI is not as intuitive.

A couple of other new features include:

  1. Bill Manager (sadly it doesn’t import the mySafaricom Bills yet),
  2. Buy Bundles (under Buy Airtime), and
  3. Quick Access to BuuPass, CPF, and PROGas under the Discover tab.

To access M-Shwari on the NEW M-Pesa app:

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Go to Growth Tab
  3. Click on M-Shwari

Here are the steps in images:

M-Shwari is now available on the NEW M-Pesa App

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  1. Have been using my simcard for more than 5 years and my limit remain zero please help me to increase.

  2. How do I get the loan,? I have been saving with m shwari but keep telling me that my limit is zero since

  3. How can i get a loan? have been saving anytime but you always tell me i don’t qualify nor increasing my limit

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