Three Powerful IT Services Helping African Businesses Grow

With the latest in IT technology, it doesn’t matter where you’re located, how large or small your operations are, or what kind of goods or services you’re providing – you can find customers or clients for your business. It has become such a powerful tool that it can completely transform the impact a business can have on society at large, and can turn even a small operation into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. 

All by using the right kind of technology. 

Moreover, when you combine this technology with the internet’s massive reach, it multiplies modern technology’s capability exponentially. 

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The internet has given businesses access to countries, people, and markets that – just a few years ago – wouldn’t be accessible to them at all. The only businesses that could trade with these hard-to-reach places, whether in Africa or elsewhere, were either local natives of that region or large companies with enough funds to expand their operations to very distant locations. 

Changes In Consumers

Remote locations in Africa and around the world – which were previously home to consumers that didn’t use many modern-day products or services – are now consuming these products just as much as anyone else. 

Two major reasons for this drastic change in global consumer behavior are 1) the improvements in transport and 2) the fact that goods and services can be shipped to these remote locations. Moreover, with the expansion of entertainment and communication, ideas are traveling around the world faster than ever before. 

However, it’s not just that these new markets are home to new consumers; they’re also where unique business ideas, products, and services are emerging. The entire world can benefit from the unique offerings found in these areas. As IT and the internet drive the world to be more interconnected than ever, we are benefitting from the input, ideas, and perceptions of people from all over the world. 

Modern Business

Just like many places across the globe, businesses in Africa have been hit hard by the pandemic. They have had to close, change the way they work, or make big changes within a very short span of time to survive. This pandemic has been a wake-up call for businesses everywhere, reminding them how quickly physical and financial conditions can change, and why businesses always need to be ready to adapt. 

Many small to medium-scale businesses in Africa weren’t actively employing IT services prior to the pandemic. While IT service demand was much higher in larger cities and economically active areas, less developed districts still used older forms of technology or not at all. 

As businesses had no option but to rely on technology to keep going, they soon realized how effective these solutions are not just as a backup, but how they can be very helpful in day-to-day activities. 

If you haven’t implemented modern IT in your business yet, here are the top three IT services you should consider using if you want to scale your business. 

Best of all, these services don’t require a large investment or supporting infrastructure, can be done quite easily, and applied to businesses in any industry. 

3 IT Services to Help Grow Your Business

If you’re considering scaling your business’s digital infrastructure, it’s helpful to partner with a solid team like EC-MSP IT support near you who can help you every step along the way. 

Cyber Security 

When it comes to physical security, you try to guard all areas of a structure and make it difficult for people to penetrate. The digital presence of your business is very similar, and you must protect every inch of your digital “structure” to keep hackers from breaking and entering. 

When you’re working remotely, each worker, connection, and device serves as a potential point of attack for hackers. Even if everyone’s working in the same office and sharing the same connection, you need to have exceptional digital security to ensure each point of attack is impenetrable. 

One of the most valuable services you can employ for your company is cybersecurity because – unlike physical security – you’re not only at risk from local cyber threats, but you’re also defending yourself from global attacks. 

Recovery and Backup

Even if you have tight security and your entire infrastructure is up to date and performing smoothly, you can’t eliminate the possibility of a breakdown. Some people think that if they back up all their critical information to the cloud, then its’ safe, but unfortunately, they’re quite mistaken

Whether it’s the cloud, an onsite computer, an external hard disk, or any other type of data storage, there’s always the possibility of system failure or an attack. Working with a professional who not only secures your data in multiple ways, but also creates a recovery protocol is key to ensuring your digital assets’ safety. 

Staff Training 

As time goes on, you’ll need to scale and change your IT infrastructure to keep up with the times. If you rely on learning through trial and error, it’s going to be very tough to keep up with such lightning-fast changes. 

Fortunately, a seasoned IT support team can help keep your team up to date with best industry practices and, when it comes time to make a major change, you can rely on your IT support provider to train your team. You’ll maximize your return on investment (ROI) by utilizing your system to its maximum potential. 

Depending on the kind of IT support team you choose to work with – and the types of services needed for your business – you may require other IT services, too. Cloud computing is gaining a tremendous amount of popularity; its versatile solutions can be used for a variety of tasks in many different industries.

Be sure to discuss possible solutions with your IT support team – they’ll help you get the right services that will yield the most benefit for your business. 


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