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Safaricom Home Fibre Connection Fee Redeemable after First 6 months

Here's how to redeem the KES 3,000 connection fee on Safaricom Home Fibre

With Safaricom’s Home Fibre being available across more parts of the country, there are more people who can now use the service from their residences.

This year, Safaricom made some changes to the service introducing:

  1. Revised the terms and conditions
  2. Double speeds from previous speeds
  3. New Fair Usage limits – stirring uproar online
  4. New connection fee of KES 3,000, and
  5. A penalty fee of KES 6,500 if someone loses their router.

Safaricom may have not foreseen the excise duty changes from the Kenyan government which in July led to a significant increase in Home Fibre prices.

So now, in order to get a new Home Fibre connection you need both the bouquet price, and a KES 3,000 connection fee. For example, if you’re getting the 20Mbps package, you need KES 4,100 plus KES 3,000 connection fee. That’s a total of KES 7,100 for the first month.

Well, according to the terms and conditions above, the connection fee is redeemable. But it’s only redeemable if you pay for the service consecutively for the first 6 months after signing up.

Here’s how to redeem your Home Fibre connection fee:

  1. When you sign up for Home Fibre connection after dialing *400#, you will pay the connection fee.
  2. You will get to choose a package you feel will serve you well. Here’s how to choose a package.
  3. To redeem the KES 3,000, you will need to renew your Home Fibre package for 6 consecutive months.
  4. After the 3rd consecutive renewal of your package, you will receive KES 1,500 loaded back to your account.
  5. After the 6th consecutive renewal, you will receive the remaining KES 1,500 loaded back to your account.
  6. When these amounts are loaded back your account, you will pay less for the coming month as the redeemed amount will count as overpayment. For example, if you use the Silver Package which is KES 4,100 monthly, you will only pay KES 2,600 on the 4th and 7th month after the KES 1,500 amounts are loaded back to your account.

What to note:

  • You need to renew your subscription for the first 6 months for this to work. If you at any point fail to renew a month, you won’t get to redeem your connection fee.


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