Recently, Kenya Power has announced plans to diversify their revenues by venturing into the fixed internet business. This will see the company compete with Safaricom, Jamii Telecoms, Wananchi Group, Poa, Liquid and many more.

I believe a good percentage of Kenyans have had an experience with Kenya Power. And a good percentage swears it is never a good experience. From unexplained power interruptions, inflated bills, outdated technology, improper communication, to outrightly rude staff.

Is this a company that can be trusted to deliver reliable internet? More so given the fact they want to start by offering the services to businesses?

I am not questioning Kenya Powers’ ability to provide internet services. They have most of the country properly mapped out with their distribution of electricity. So they have data to know which areas to target, and which ones not to.

They also already lease out fibre optic cables attached to their transmission lines to internet service providers. So, they – to some extent – understand the business. And it won’t be of much cost to set up their internet service.

However, looking at their shortcomings, and the things they’re yet to address with their electricity distribution – given they’re a monopoly – can anyone really trust they’ll do a good job with internet distribution?

Any serious business understands the importance of always being connected. They understand that unplanned interruptions will mess up a lot of things. They know that proper budgeting is important to ensure profitability – so unclear bills will mess up their books.

For their pilot phase, Kenya Power will be offering a package to corporate customers offering both electricity and internet as a package. It will be interesting to see uptake, and reviews from big business that take it up either as their primary internet service, or as a backup plan.


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