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How to Reverse M-Pesa Transactions on Safaricom

More people every day rely on Safaricom’s M-Pesa for their day to day business and personal transactions. However, as we know there are instances where you may make a mistake and want to reverse a transaction. Luckily that’s possible nowadays.

If you want to reduce the chances of making a mistake when performing a transaction, use the M-Pesa Super App or the mySafaricom App. Enable permissions to access Contacts and use the listed paybills.

There are several methods to use if you want to reverse an M-Pesa transaction:

  • Using the M-Pesa App: If you did a transaction on the M-Pesa App, you can tap reverse immediately.
  • Using mySafaricom App: Similarly if you did a transaction on the mySafaricom App, you can tap the reverse button immediately.
  • Sending Text message
  • Calling Customer Care
  • Accessing Customer Care via Social Media

Reversing M-Pesa via Text:

This is the easiest and fastest way to initiate reversal requests.

  1. Immediately you realise you’ve made a mistake, copy the entire message you receive.
  2. Send the text to the number 456
  3. You will receive a message from Safaricom “Reversal” that you’ve initiated a reversal request.
  4. Your request should be completed within the next 2 hours.
  5. Safaricom says, “You are encouraged to check your messages for an update from the header “Reversal” on the status of the reversal.”

Calling Customer Care:

This is another sure way to ensure your reversal is underway.

  1. Call 100 if you’re on Prepaid and 200 if you’re on Postpay.
  2. Select the option to speak to a Safaricom customer Care Agent
  3. You will be asked questions to verify your identity and the number you mistakenly sent money to.
  4. Agent will let you know details on reversal and when to expect resolution.

Via Social Media:

This is a tricky way nowadays thanks to many accounts and bots trying to con you. So make sure you’ve contacted the right Safaricom Accounts on Twitter and on Facebook. Make sure they have the VERIFIED tick.

  1. Contact @Safaricom_Care or @SafaricomPLC on Twitter and on Facebook.
  2. Tell them your issue and share Transaction Message
  3. You will be advised on how to proceed and when resolution can be expected.


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