East Africa’s Premier Tech Event Returns to Nairobi for 20th Anniversary

After a three-year hiatus in digital format, East Africa Com, East Africa’s top event for technology, telecommunications, media, and broadcasting will be back in Nairobi on April 25-26 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Over 50 industry leaders from Safaricom, Telkom Kenya, the Kenyan Ministry of ICT, Innovation, and Youth Affairs, Djibouti Telecom, Google, Microsoft, Airtel, and more will share their expertise with the region’s tech leaders, telecom C-suite executives, promising start-up founders, senior regulators, and government officials.

East Africa Com, as one of the continent’s technology powerhouses, presents an opportunity to explore the region’s exciting opportunities and the barriers that need to be overcome to unlock its full tech potential. The event will feature a diverse agenda, including discussions around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, combatting cyber-attack threats, fintech revolution, and the war for talent.

The event director for East Africa Com, Ciara McDonald Heffernan, aims to showcase and celebrate the incredible pace of innovation in a dynamic sector like tech in such a diverse region as East Africa. The programme aims to educate the industry on exciting projects and play a crucial role in facilitating strong partnerships across the region.

Some of the highlights of the event include a panel of East African Operators, discussing novel routes to delivering meaningful connectivity to underserved areas. The opening keynote by George Njuguna, Director of Information Technology (CIO) at Safaricom, will share insights on Vision 2030 and the role of Technology Talent and Digital Skills in Building East Africa’s Digital Economies. Experts from Djibouti Telecom, Telkom Kenya, and TESPOK will analyze the evolution of telcos in the region and the importance of putting digital at the heart of East Africa’s telecommunication strategies. Key policymakers will also be present, sharing insights on how to regulate the tech sector to spur innovation and combat key barriers to growth.

Overall, the two-day programme will explore the role of technology in driving socio-economic growth by tackling some of the most pressing challenges faced by the region today.

East Africa Com 2023 Agenda Highlights:

Agenda TopicDescription
Fourth Industrial RevolutionDiscussion on how technology is changing the way the world works and what it means for East Africa
Combatting Cyber-Attack ThreatsPanel discussion on cyber security and strategies to safeguard businesses in East Africa
Fintech RevolutionExploration of the role of fintech in driving economic growth in East Africa
War for TalentDiscussion on how East Africa can address the skills gap in technology and innovation
East African OperatorsPanel discussion on innovative approaches to delivering connectivity to underserved areas
Telcos in the RegionAnalysis of the evolution of telcos in East Africa and the importance of digital strategies
Regulating the Tech SectorInsights from key policymakers on how to spur innovation and address barriers to growth
AHUB EastDedicated one-day platform for East Africa’s startup scene featuring discussions on empowering startups to face investors and exploring the contribution of tech startups to the region’s sustainable future
East Africa Com AwardsRecognition and celebration of the achievements and commitment of individuals, organizations, and companies in the digital space

AHUB East:

In order to reflect the vibrancy of East Africa’s startup scene, the event will feature a dedicated one-day platform, AHUB East, on April 26th that will bring together the most inspiring startup founders from the region. The agenda will include discussions on empowering startups to face investors, as well as exploring how East Africa’s tech startup ecosystem can contribute to the region’s sustainable future. Of particular interest is the timely fireside chat on the impact of the Silicon Valley Crisis and the lessons that Eastern African startups can learn to future-proof their businesses.

AHUB East will feature a diverse group of entrepreneurs, investors, and other experts who will take the stage, including Gibson Kawago, Founder of WAGA Tanzania, John Kamara, Founder of AFAYREKOD, Jay Katatumba, Investor Director at Africa50, and Stephen Ogweno, CEO of Lifesten Health.

In addition to sharing knowledge, AHUB East will facilitate new business opportunities by connecting founders with investors. The platform will also host a live pitch competition, where some of the region’s most promising startups will compete on stage. Judges Laurie Fuller, Venture Partner at Raiven Capital, Dario Giuliani, Founder & Director at Briter Bridges, and John Kimani, Developer Ecosystem Program Manager at Google Kenya, will put the startups to the test and crown the winner.

Laurie Fuller, one of the judges for the live pitch competition at AHUB East, describes the process as “unearthing hidden gems, each glint revealing the boundless potential of human ingenuity and the promise of a brighter future.”

AHUB Speakers:

Gibson KawagoWAGA Tanzania
Jay KatatumbaAfrica50
Stephen OgwenoLifesten Health
Laurie Fuller (Judge for live pitch competition)Raiven Capital
Dario Giuliani (Judge for live pitch competition)Briter Bridges
John Kimani (Judge for live pitch competition)Google Kenya

East Africa Com Awards:

The best and brightest in driving digital transformation in East Africa will be recognized and celebrated at the East Africa Com Awards on the evening of 25 April. The awards will feature seven categories to highlight the achievements and commitment of individuals, organizations, and companies in the digital space. These categories include Inspiring Leader of the Year, Female Innovator of the Year, Fintech Innovation of the Year, Startup of the Year, Connectivity Champion of the Year, Changing Lives Award, and Most Innovative Product or Service of the Year.

The shortlisted candidates, chosen from nearly 100 applications, are now up for public votes until 14 April to determine the top three finalists in each category. These finalists will then submit their award entries to a panel of judges, with the winners being announced during an exclusive awards ceremony.

The East Africa Com Awards offer a valuable opportunity to recognize the tireless efforts and dedication of those leading the digital revolution in the region. It is also an excellent chance to gain insights into successful business models and innovative approaches. The event provides a platform for networking with industry leaders, sharing experiences, and building relationships that could lead to new growth and success opportunities.

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