What will Apple say about USB-C during the iPhone 15 Keynote?

Apple's Reluctant Embrace: The USB-C Shift in iPhones

For the longest time, Apple has resisted the idea of adding USB-C to their iPhones. Resisted isn’t even the right word. They’ve outright refused to even consider having USB-C on their phones. Well, with the new EU law forcing them down that path, we are about to hear a lot of BS on how their implementation of USB-C is the best ever. As usual, their marketing will make it seem like no other USB-C has ever USB-C’d like their USB-C. They will be colour matched to your phone, they will be fast-charge ready, well braided, and so much more.

Apple makes so much money from their iPhone accessories. This also includes the licensing fees for their proprietary lightning port – the now dated port they’ve held on to for so long. This is the main reason they switched all their other products to include USB-C, but left out the iPhones and its accessories. They even changed the front of their lighting cables to have USB-C but couldn’t be bothered to make the full switch. At the upcoming launch of the iPhone 15 series, we may hear a lot about how lighting was the best and greatest blah blah for them, and how over the years they’ve been working on a new standard that allows for so much more. You know, the usual marketing “courage” noise. The truth though is this: the main reason they stayed with old tech was because it made them so much money. 

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Having USB C on the iPhone means you will be able to use any charger from any company to charge your iPhone, provided it’s a type-C charger. That doesn’t sit well with Apple, as it makes them lose control of their walled garden. Their argument here would be that different chargers would affect quality of experience and even damage batteries. But those would be lies as the USB-C platform has standards to be met, and provided these are met your phone will be okay. USB-C allows for so much more! 

Apple tried hard to ensure a day where their iPhones would have USB-C would never be a reality. They even found a way to “bring back” MagSafe, basic wireless charging, and tout it as a really good way of charging your phone. If they could get their way with efficiency and fast charging, I bet you we would be seeing a completely port-free iPhone in the next few weeks being pushed as the best of technology. But their R&D is yet to get them there. Chinese companies have already wiped the floor with wireless fast charging, and even wired fast charging patents. These are the things Apple is probably scared of.  Standardisation makes it clear they are behind. 

It will be interesting to see just how Apple presents the new iPhone. Provided Apple properly embraces the USB-C standard, we can expect way faster charging, more supported accessories, better pro features, faster transfer speeds, and even output to external displays (don’t cross your fingers!). However, Apple being Apple, I won’t be shocked if throughout the keynote they don’t mention USB-C even once! 

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