ReImagine Education Conference: Transforming Higher Learning in Africa

In a bid to revolutionise higher education and promote innovative learning practices tailored for the digital age, over one hundred education stakeholders will gather in Nairobi on the 23rd of September. The event, organised by the African Leadership University (ALU), is set to be a pivotal moment in the quest to reshape education across the African continent.

The ReImagine Education Conference, held under the theme “Developing Africa’s Next Generation of Leaders,” aims to address the pressing need for collaborative, problem-solving education reforms in Africa. The conference’s central focus is to engage in open dialogue on reshaping educational paradigms that can effectively tackle the continent’s multifaceted challenges.

Notable dignitaries in the education sector are slated to attend this significant event. Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, Prof Joachim Osur, Vice Chancellor of Amref International University, and Mr. Veda Sunassee, CEO of Africa Leadership University, will be among the prominent figures present to share their insights and experiences.

The Radisson Blue Convention Centre in Upperhill Nairobi has been chosen as the venue for the conference, providing an ideal backdrop for intensive discussions and knowledge exchange.

Kayta Nyangi, Director of Marketing – Strategy and Outreach at ALU, expressed enthusiasm about the conference’s impending commencement. She emphasized its relevance in driving a collaborative, problem-solving dialogue that integrates Africa’s grand challenges into innovative learning models.

“We are ready for the upcoming ReImagine Roundtable Event in Nairobi this month. So far, there has been tremendous interest from education experts, and we envisage hosting a diverse range of experts who will drive this talk on innovative education, which is vital in solving today’s world challenges,” said Katya.

Furthermore, Katya Nyangi highlighted the conference’s objective to facilitate networking among diverse attendees, including educators, counselors, and education stakeholders from different regions. The event is anticipated to foster valuable connections that will elevate educational standards across the continent.

The ReImagine Education Conference will showcase ALU’s Innovative Learning Model, which can be readily adopted by higher learning institutions throughout Africa to nurture essential skills and produce impactful outcomes among students. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion centered on ubiquitous and lifelong learning, along with engaging in workshops focused on self-directed learning, mission-driven education, and teaching emotional intelligence.

The ReImagine Education Conference is a recurring event that brings together visionaries, educators, counselors, parents, discerning students, and various stakeholders in a dialogue aimed at shaping the current and future state of education administration in Africa. Over the years, the collaborative discussions at this conference have catalyzed meaningful changes in the higher education sector across numerous African countries.

As the conference date approaches, expectations are high that the ReImagine Education Conference in Nairobi will be a crucial milestone in redefining higher education and preparing Africa’s next generation of leaders to address the continent’s challenges head-on through innovative learning practices.


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