Lipa Later Secures Approval for Public Fundraising in the United States

In a historic achievement, Lipa Later Group, a leading fintech platform dedicated to empowering African businesses and fostering financial inclusion, has secured exclusive approval to raise funds from the general public in the United States. This milestone marks a significant breakthrough for Lipa Later, as it becomes one of the pioneering African companies to receive the coveted green light from the esteemed U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Lipa Later Group, globally recognized as a trailblazing innovator and previously acknowledged by the Financial Times as one of Africa’s Fastest-Growing Fintech Companies, has consistently reshaped the finance, payments, and e-commerce landscape across the continent.

Through this groundbreaking development, investors worldwide will now have the opportunity to invest in Lipa Later via Republic, a renowned global financial technology company that facilitates investments in diverse ventures across the globe. Leveraging Republic’s platform grants Lipa Later access to a vast network of supporters keen on backing transformative ventures capable of leaving a lasting impact. This strategic partnership reinforces Lipa Later’s mission to become Africa’s most comprehensive credit, payments, and shopping platform.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this remarkable milestone, Lipa Later’s CEO, Eric Muli, remarked, “We are thrilled to extend the opportunity to retail investors in the United States and around the world to invest in one of Africa’s fastest-growing fintech companies. Our excitement is further amplified as we lead the way in becoming a global business and the financial control center for Africa’s 50 million retailers. This marks a significant step in our journey, and we are eager to share this transformative experience with all investors. This isn’t just an investment opportunity; it’s a catalyst for entrepreneurship, a cradle for job creation, and a beacon of economic development across an entire continent, as well as an opportunity to make a remarkable return on your investment. We aim to empower 100,000 SMEs!”

With a formidable track record boasting over 350,000 consumers and more than 35,000 merchants, alongside an exclusive partnership with Mastercard for point-of-sale financing, Lipa Later is poised to unlock a $500 billion opportunity in Africa, captivating the imaginations of investors who recognize the potential for substantial returns on their contributions.

As Lipa Later embarks on this exciting journey, the team remains steadfast in their commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and innovation. Through their collaboration with Republic, Lipa Later seeks to forge new possibilities in the fintech space, heralding a promising future for both the company and the broader financial landscape.

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