Top 6 Most Sought-After Slot Games that are Inspired by African Culture

There are not many African nations with permissive gambling rules, either for offline or Internet gaming. Online gaming is a profitable sector of the continent’s economy, and both online gambling and sports betting are growing in popularity across Africa. Due to this, Africa now houses the majority of the world’s slot machines. For instance, Namibia has the greatest ratio of slot machines per capita (1:124) in the world (more than gambling Meccas such as Las Vegas or Macau!), meaning one machine for every 124 residents.

However, just though Internet gambling and sports betting have grown more well-liked and in demand throughout the African continent, it does not imply that these activities are always permitted and subject to rules and regulations. That needs to be remembered. For the time being, 38 of the 54 African nations have banned gambling of any kind.

Many online casinos are expanding their business into Africa, most of them can be found as rated at, and it is anticipated that more folks in the continent will gamble online, with slots being the game of choice for many. As a result, game producers are paying attention to this growth and creating slots with African themes in the hopes that African gamers will find them appealing. Some of the slots with African themes have already developed sizable fan bases on the continent and elsewhere.

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African-Themed Slot Machine Games You Must Play Now

Millions of individuals who have already experienced the benefits of the globalization phenomena in the online casino sector are no longer surprised by the fact that online gambling is transnational in nature. An African gambler will not have any trouble accessing a variety of online casinos spanning the African continent with only a few clicks, whether they choose to play slots in French or casino games in English.

This is how globalization appears in the contemporary virtual world of the post-coronavirus epidemic. Dedicated players have the amazing possibility of enjoying tens of thousands of titles with various themes that come from international gaming platforms and suppliers from every part of the world via their desktops or mobile devices.

Keep reading if you are very curious to find out about some of the most popular slots with an African theme that drew influence from that culture.

Photo Safari (Play’n GO)

The game was created by Play’n GO professionals, who are renowned across the world for their extraordinary talents and successful projects when it comes to themed slot games. With the employment of images of exotic animals and some of the most vibrantly colored backgrounds you will ever see in an online slot game, the African safari theme is brilliantly crayoned.

The beautiful background with savannah-themed elements is hidden by the translucent reels. When a player succeeds in landing a winning combination involving any of the animals on the reels, they transform into vintage-style real photographs and start to make appropriate animal noises. The sounds of some exhilarating drumming will make you quickly believe you are near an African tribe, and they are topped off by sounds of insects that are unique to the savannah – the sounds these insects are reputed to create.

The game is prepared to award its luckiest and most knowledgeable players with a massive jackpot of 5,000 coins while also enticing them to keep an eye out for the remaining undiscovered gems, unique features, and cash awards that will keep the excitement going. The 5-reel game has 20 paylines and an astounding maximum wager of $25 per spin, making it an A-class slot that most new players find up falling in love with right away.

King of Africa (WMS Gaming)

This WMS game has 20 paylines, 5 reels, and a rather high maximum wager of 150 for a single spin. Many seasoned casino players consider the slot game to be one of their all-time favorites because of its clearly rewarding elements, with a focus on the bonus game. When the giraffe appears on the screen, this game may get activated, increasing your chances of winning a huge payout.

King of Africa additionally provides a few of the most alluring visuals and audio tracks available, so if you are looking for a top-notch slots game with an African theme, give it a shot.

Serengeti Kings (NetEnt)

In particular, Australian pokie aficionados hold NetEnt in high regard as one of the most broadly recognized casino gaming pioneers on the globe. Gamers from other African nations, like those from Nigeria, especially value the top-notch visuals and generous bonuses NetEnt games often provide. The African-themed Serengeti Kings slot is a good example.

An outstanding game with significant volatility, this one is ideal for online gamers looking for a thrill. While exploring the numerous natural beauties of the continent, players will have the chance to learn about the slot’s many distinctive and inventive features. The cyclical gameplay, which allows players to employ the Lion or the Panther spins while giving them the option of activation once every 12 spins, is one of the most significant aspects of the game that is worth highlighting here. The game has 26 fixed lines, 4 rows, 5 reels, and both a feature that lets players purchase more free spins and a lot of free spins.

Solomon’s Mines (WGS Technology)

African mythology has long referenced the legendary King Solomon’s mines, which are said to reside somewhere on the continent of Africa. The King Solomon’s mines’ precise location is uncertain, which is why some have dismissed it as a folktale and others as a mystery. North Africa’s oral tradition claims that King Solomon’s mines may be in Egypt, whereas oral tradition in the south claims that the mines are somewhere in what is now Zimbabwe. Archaeologists think that King Solomon’s mines are someplace in East Africa.

The King Solomon’s Mines legend inspired WGS to create a traditional 3 reel, 5 payline slots game. Red ruby stones, gold cash, green books, and Penelope are some of the symbols in the game that stand for prosperity.

Hot Safari (Pragmatic Play)

The majority of the information people outside of Africa learn about the continent is that it is a fantastic spot for a safari, especially for those who are eager to travel there as tourists. It boasts lovely warm weather and huge grasslands where one may go on foot hikes or rent a camper and drive while seeing various fauna.

This is accurate (although Africa has more to offer than just its rainforests), and Pragmatic Play’s 3-reel, 35-payline game Hot Safari, which was driven by an idyllic African trip, does just that. The game’s background is a savannah, similar to what one might discover on an African safari vacation, and the symbols on the reels represent the fauna that can be found there, including lions, meerkats, elephants, elands, and zebras.

Legends of Africa (Microgaming)

Legends of Africa, a slot machine from Microgaming, is inspired by Africa. The slot machine was influenced by the fauna of Africa. 

This game has 5 reels and 30 paylines, however, it differs from the other five reel slots with regard to design. The first and fifth reels have two symbols each, the second and fourth reels have three symbols each, and the center reel contains five symbols. A cheetah, lion, zebra, rhino, ibex, and an African girl are among the game’s icons.


Other thrilling slot games with an awesome African theme are Microgaming’s Mega Moolah and Safari Sam 2 produced by the creatives at Betsoft Gaming. These games will undoubtedly have you desiring even more adventures. Regardless of which one you select, be ready to go across Africa’s untamed Savannahs and wild rhythms without ever leaving your home.

These are just a few of the numerous entertaining slots available online. Just bear in mind to establish your betting caps before you begin to wager real money, and keep in mind that the game’s free version allows for limitless wagering while still providing 100% fun.


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