Showmax to Relaunch in 2024, Premier League Package Included

In May of 2023, we wrote an article about a Showmax Relaunch, highlighting the partnership between Showmax, NBCUniversal, and Sky, and discussing the integration of Showmax into the Comcast family. This strategic alliance signaled a major shift in the digital entertainment landscape in Africa, positioning Showmax for significant growth and innovation in the streaming industry.

Well, Showmax has today announced its ambitious plans to become the leading streaming service in Africa. Slated for a February 2024 relaunch, Showmax is set to unveil a fresh brand identity and a revamped product suite. This major overhaul comes on the heels of its eight-year journey in the African streaming market and is propelled by its collaboration with Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Sky. Under this partnership, the Showmax Group is owned 70% by MultiChoice and 30% by NBC Universal. In Nigeria, NBCUniversal will hold an indirect 23.7% stake in the local subsidiary. 

Recently, Showmax discontinued Showmax Pro, a move that was met with mixed reactions from the audience. The decision was part of a broader strategy to streamline services and focus on core offerings that align with their vision for the future.

The 2024 Relaunch: A New Era for Showmax

  • Fresh Brand Identity: Showmax is all set to reveal a new logo and brand identity, symbolising its commitment to innovation and quality entertainment.
  • New App on Peacock Platform: The relaunch will see the introduction of a new app powered by the Peacock platform, known for its robust performance and global reach.
  • Three New Plans: The revamped service will feature three distinct plans: Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and the groundbreaking Showmax Premier League for mobile users.
  • Premier League Streaming: Showmax Premier League will be a game-changer, offering exclusive mobile streaming of every Premier League match in sub-Saharan Africa. From the press release, take note that this sounds to be mobile only. Which probably means to watch on TV you will need to move to DSTV steam, which begs the question “why????”.

Technology and Content:

As Showmax embarks on this ambitious relaunch, it’s not just about a new look or a few additional features. It’s a profound shift in how the service operates and delivers content. At the heart of this transformation is the integration with the Peacock platform, a move that speaks volumes about Showmax’s aspirations on a global scale. The Peacock platform, renowned for its robust performance and scalability, has proven its mettle by successfully live-streaming mammoth events like the Super Bowl to millions of viewers. This technological backbone gives Showmax the capability to scale rapidly and efficiently, meeting the diverse and growing demands of the African market.

But technology is just one piece of the puzzle. Content is king in the streaming world, and Showmax seems to have taken this adage to heart. The service is ramping up its offerings, balancing a mix of compelling original productions and sought-after international hits. Audiences can look forward to a rich tapestry of storytelling, with new seasons of beloved series, unique African content, and major international titles like “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and “Fast X”.

This commitment to diverse and high-quality content is further bolstered by Showmax’s partnership with Comcast. This alliance ensures a steady flow of premium content from some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, keeping viewers engaged and entertained. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster movie or a gripping local drama, Showmax is positioning itself as the go-to destination for a wide range of audiences across Africa. With these strategic moves in technology and content, Showmax is not just aiming to be a player in the streaming market; it’s aiming to be the leader.

Marc Jury, CEO of Showmax, is confident about the service’s potential, stating, “We have all the ingredients in place to become the number one streaming service for Africa.” With its strategic focus, technological edge, and diverse content offerings, Showmax is poised to redefine streaming in Africa and beyond.

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