Since Elon Musk took over Twitter (now called X), the company has been slowly morphing into a super “everything app”. The latest feature allows you to search for jobs, and apply for them. This transformation has opened up new avenues for job seekers, streamlining the process of finding employment opportunities. Here’s a guide on how you can navigate this new feature and potentially land your next job.

Applying for Jobs on Twitter/X:

To begin your job search, visit either or The platform has integrated a user-friendly interface where you can set specific parameters for your job search. Key among these are the location and keywords. By specifying these, you can tailor your search to display job listings that are most relevant to your profile and preferences.

Unlike platforms such as LinkedIn or Fuzu, Twitter/X does not allow direct application for jobs on its site. Instead, when you find a job that interests you and click ‘apply’, you are redirected to SmartRecruiters. This external site is where the actual application process takes place. Here, you can upload your resume, create a professional profile, and submit your application to the employer.

It’s essential to note that the job search feature on Twitter/X acts more like a directory listing than a direct job application portal. While it guides you to potential employment opportunities, the application process itself is handled externally. This setup is a key differentiator from other job application platforms.

As of now, only a limited number of jobs have been listed on Twitter/X. It may take some time before a significant number of companies, especially local ones, start listing their job openings on the platform. For the time being, the hashtag #ikokaziKE remains a more efficient way to discover job listings on Twitter.

Looking ahead, if Twitter/X evolves to allow direct job applications through the platform, it raises some questions. Will users be comfortable applying for jobs using their Twitter accounts? Are they ready to share personal details with Twitter for job applications? These are considerations that both the platform and its users will need to address as the feature potentially grows.

While the job search feature on Twitter/X is a step towards consolidating various services under one umbrella, it still has some way to go before becoming a one-stop solution for job seekers. Nonetheless, it presents an exciting new avenue for those on the lookout for new opportunities.


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