Infinix NOTE 40 to debut Cheetah X1 Power Management Chip

In an era where technology innovation shapes daily connectivity and interaction, Infinix is making a monumental stride with the launch of its first self-developed power management chip, the Cheetah X1. This groundbreaking chip is set to be the cornerstone of the new All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology in the highly anticipated NOTE 40 Series of smartphones. Infinix has crafted the NOTE range to feature innovative All-Round FastCharge technology, addressing the crucial needs of modern Gen Z and Millennial users for extended battery life across various usage scenarios such as social media browsing, outdoor adventures, and prolonged gaming sessions.

The NOTE 30 Series remains the only devices in their price range to offer a robust system of fast charging from wired, to wireless charging. It is also only Infinix that’s included a wireless charger in the box at the NOTE 30 Series price-range.

“At Infinix, we deeply value customer feedback and integrate it into our innovation process to continuously refine and elevate our mobile devices. The development of the Cheetah X1 chip represents a significant leap forward for our All-Round FastCharge technology, enhancing control protocols, charging efficiency, and AI integrations while ensuring unparalleled safety and reliability. Our commitment remains to deliver exceptional smartphones that stand out in functionality and performance,” stated Weiqi Nie, Product Director at Infinix.

A Highly Customised and Robust Power Management “Brain”

The Cheetah X1 chip ingeniously merges three advanced modules into a single compact unit, specifically designed to empower the versatile All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology. The All-round Support Module, a standout feature, supports eight unique charging scenarios, streamlining functions by consolidating protocols and adjusting charge. These scenarios encompass:

  1. Up to 100W multi-speed wired and wireless charging,
  2. Wired and wireless reverse charging,
  3. Bypass charging,
  4. AI-protected night charging,
  5. Extreme temperature charging down to -20°C, and
  6. ulti-protocol charging, ensuring consistent performance across all use cases.

We recently covered charging features on the Infinix NOTE 30 VIP. There’s now a chip dedicated to safety charging and enabling even more features. This is the Cheetah X1 that we can expect on the NOTE 40 Series.

Infinix says the High-precision Power Monitor Module on the Cheetah X1 plays a critical role in real-time current and voltage detection, adjusting the charging volume to strike a perfect balance between charging efficiency and temperature control. This meticulous management not only extends the battery’s lifespan but also preserves the smartphone’s overall health. Moreover, the Safety Module incorporates 63 protection measures to safeguard against virtually all potential charging hazards. These measures are activated automatically, enhancing user convenience by relaying critical information to the user through the phone’s protocols.

Thanks to the Cheetah X1 chip, the All-Round FastCharge 2.0 technology significantly boosts charging efficiency management. As a central hub of information, it intelligently identifies power needs across the phone’s components, distributing energy efficiently, akin to a technological brain. This innovation allows the smartphone to offer enhanced charging capabilities beyond conventional methods.

A Product Design Where Innovation Meets Dedication

Infinix’s journey to the Cheetah X1 chip involved two years of extensive research into global consumer insights, leading to the assembly of a specialized team dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge packaging technology and achieving comprehensive functional integration. This effort has culminated in a power management chip that not only leads the market in features but also sets new benchmarks for compactness and efficiency.

Utilizing wafer-level packaging technology, Infinix has significantly reduced the chip’s size, making it one of the smallest yet most powerful devices of its kind. This reduction in size improves electrical performance by shortening signal transmission paths and minimizing delays, particularly beneficial in high-speed data transmission and high-frequency applications. Consequently, the chip boasts a 204% increase in processing efficiency per unit, enhancing the charging experience across a wide range of scenarios to meet the diverse needs of users while maintaining the device’s power, portability, and comfort.

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