Isuzu and Bamburi Fuel Women Empowerment and Road Safety in Kenya

In celebration of International Women’s Month, the spotlight shines on a unique initiative in Kenya. Isuzu East Africa Driver Academy and Bamburi Cement PLC’s “Women on Wheels” program is transforming the transportation industry in the country.

The Women on Wheels program boldly confronts the male-dominated field of truck driving. In partnership with the Isuzu Driver’s Academy, this initiative provides training and employment opportunities aimed at balancing Bamburi Cement’s workforce and the broader sector. It is helping to break down gender barriers while contributing to a safer, more sustainable trucking industry in Kenya.

“We are committed to increasing the representation of women in professional trucking,” said Jane Wangari, Bamburi Cement PLC Sustainability and Geocycle Director. “Our data proves that female drivers trained in the program demonstrate not only superior safety on the roads but also fuel efficiency and lower truck maintenance costs.”

Transforming Lives through ‘Women on Wheels’ Training

The Isuzu Drivers Academy, launched in 2021, plays a pivotal role in this transformative effort. With a curriculum focused on logistics, defensive driving, traffic regulations, economical driving techniques, and more, the academy has already trained an impressive 205 drivers.

The academy’s commitment to excellence aligns with Isuzu East Africa’s core values. “Safety is our top priority, and we provide our customers with top-notch transport solutions, including the best-trained drivers,” emphasized Rita Kavashe, Isuzu EA’s Managing Director.

Safer Roads, A More Sustainable Future

The Women on Wheels program and Isuzu Driver’s Academy’s impact extends beyond gender equality. Their focus on driver proficiency is directly linked to Kenya’s critical issue of road safety. Statistics from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) indicate a concerning rise in road accidents. The academy’s training, alongside the documented safety records of female drivers in the program, offers real promise for making roads safer for all Kenyans.

With goals of adding at least 50 women drivers into the transport chain annually, the Women on Wheels program continues to gain momentum. This inspiring story demonstrates the power of collaboration to promote female empowerment, skill-building, and create a better future for the Kenyan transportation industry.

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