M-Pesa Ratiba Standing Order Feature Launching Soon

Safaricom is set to launch M-Pesa Ratiba, the standing order feature we’ve been waiting for since September 2023. The feature, we expect, will allow users to be able to schedule routine payments. However, since as you’ll read below, this feature comes as a mini app, it seems things won’t work just as we expect especially for things like app subscriptions and more. But we wait to see.

What is M-Pesa Ratiba?

Ratiba, we expect, will allow you to automate recurring payments like utility bills, rent, subscriptions, and more. With Ratiba, the hassle of manually making these payments every month we expect will be a thing of the past. Set it up once, and you’re free to focus on other things – Ratiba will ensure your payments are made on time.

You’ll be able to find the Ratiba feature in two ways:

  • M-Pesa Super App: Navigate to the “Services” section and look for the new “M-Pesa Ratiba” Mini App.
  • USSD: Simply dial *334# and follow the prompts. This is not yet live.

While the official launch date hasn’t been announced, a preview of Ratiba is already available on the M-Pesa Super App. When you launch the Mini App, you’ll see this message:

“Get ready for the M-Pesa Ratiba – your ultimate payment scheduling solution on the M-Pesa app. You will soon try it out also on USSD by dialing *334# and experience the convenience at your fingertips. Stay tuned for more updates!”

M-Pesa Ratiba Standing Order Feature Launching Soon

The Power of Automation

The introduction of Ratiba signals a significant step forward for M-Pesa, aligning with the growing demand for automation in financial services. This could be the feature that allows you to say goodbye to late payments and the worry of missing due dates while paying with mobile money.

When the mini app goes live, we will be able to learn how the feature will work. Will it require a whole new mini wallet? Will it be pegged to the main M-Pesa wallet? Will you require a PIN to authenticate every transaction? Let’s wait and see.

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