Thursday, October 22, 2020
Samsung Galaxy Buds Live True Wireless ANC Kenya

How to pre-order the Galaxy NOTE 20 Ultra in Kenya

Pre-orders for the NOTE 20 and NOTE 20 Ultra from Samsung are now live. The devices which cost KES. 107,000 and KES. 137,000 respectively are the latest flagship smartphones from the company.
Fake Phones Kenya

How to check if a phone is genuine in Kenya

If you're buying a smartphone in Kenya, you will want to verify that it is not a knock-off device. So the communication authority have a simple way to check: texting the IMEI number
Send Fax from Gmail

How to Send & Receive Faxes from Gmail for Free

CocoFax allows you to send and receive free fax to Gmail. It is an innovative solution for several businesses. Remember, it is not possible to directly send a fax from email.

How to send a WhatsApp Message without saving a number

How to send a WhatsApp chat without saving the contact
Pay for Netflix with M-Pesa using PayPal Mobile Money.

How to pay for Netflix with M-PESA

Pay for Netflix with M-Pesa using PayPal Mobile Money.
Black Friday deals Kenya

How to get good Black Friday deals this November 2019

During Black Friday deals, you may be getting a product thinking its a good deal, but you're being played.

Activating Safaricom VoLTE on your iPhone

You can now activate Safaricom VoLTE on iPhones. This starts with the iPhone 6 going up, so if you have something older than the iPhone 6, you're automatically out.

How to send Chrome Tabs between your devices

How to send Chrome tabs from Google Chrome on you Android to Chrome on your PC or Mac, or share from Chrome on your PC or Mac to Chrome on your Android phone, and other devices running Chrome .
Safaricom Rolls Out VoLTE Countrywide for Crystal Clear Voice and Video Calls

How to activate Safaricom VoLTE

Safaricom VoLTE is now live and anyone with a VoLTE capable phone should be able to make High Definition calls over 4G networks. A couple of obvious things you need are: a 4G sim card, and a 4G phone.

How Safaricom’s Beba Sasa, Lipa Pole Pole Purchase plan works

Safaricom Beba Sasa Lipa Pole Pole is a hire purchase plan for customers looking to buy smartphones in Safaricom Shops but can't pay full amount
Xiaomi Mi Box S Screenshot

How to take Screenshots on Android TV

Download a button remapper. Simple! This has eluded me for so long, I am glad I found a work around after all this time.
4G only Android

How to Force ‘4G Only’ on your Android Phone

How to force 4G only mode on any Android phones without needing to root your device
Business Apps Techish

Apps that Help you Better Automate your Business in 2019

Nowadays, as a startup, you don't have to pay an accountant or secretary to handle some tasks that need attention but not necessarily your attention.

How to Deal with Rejection in Business

Be relentless, Re-evaluate, Listen, Get a second opinion, Keep Going
Laptop Techish

6 Simples Ways to Extend Your Laptop Battery

A laptop’s battery is very fragile and if not given the care it deserves, its life will keep plummeting by the day. The good news is, there a few things you can do to ensure that you significantly extend your laptop’s battery life.