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Coming Soon: Wiko K-Kool Smartphone

Wiko is no longer a new name for any Kenyan. You sure have heard of them, and seen their devices here and there. If I am not wrong, you must know 2 or 3 people who own a Wiko device. Even if it is not a Wiko Smartphone, it could be from their feature phone category. They have these 1000 bob Wiko feature phones that are good and pretty popular too.

Anyway, there’s a new phone coming from Wiko Kenya. It is called the Wiko K-Kool. The picture above shows you what comes in the box. The picture below shows you a Wiko sitting on a tree (I’m really trying out on Photography haha).

The K-Kool looks good and is well designed. I have been using it for 2 days now so that I can give you a head-up and complete review in case you’ll want to buy it.

Wiko KKool Back Camera
Wiko K-Kool Hanging there 🙂

I happened to unbox the device in the presence of a couple of people. Unlike the past, I have desisted from unboxing phones in private. The joy of people’s fascination and outright disbelief is too good to miss.

Take this K-Kool for example. Observe it very closely and very keenly.

Wiko Kkool front Design
Good, Yes?

Looks really premium, doesn’t it? The back cover shouldn’t deceive you though, it is not metallic. But the top “lining” next to the camera is pretty nice. And the general outlook too. And I’m sure you would totally want to rock such a device?

So how much do you think it will cost? Well there’s a story to this phone.

I received the device a day after receiving the TECNO Camon C9. I didn’t know the price as at then and was like, if Wiko wants to sell this phone, they must really be joking. I was like, “Yes it looks really good, but with 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal storage, they are sure joking”.

Wiko Kkool Soft Keys
Soft Keys and Mic

Then I went to Lakehub for an event, and everyone who saw the Wiko was like, “It is really good Dickson. How much?” And I discovered I couldn’t answer them. I didn’t know the price. I hadn’t bothered to ask. And I was here judging and concluding that the nice look would be messed up by a very high price.

So I asked John (Wiko) who told me the phone wouldn’t cost more than 8k and everyone was like:

Should use more GIFs on my blogs hehe

Well the GIF pretty much sums up Chris, Dorcas, etc reactions.


  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow (pretty much stock Android)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB Internal storage
  • Up to 64GB external storage support
  • 5MP back camera
  • 2MP front camera
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Less than 8k Price

I will post a full review soon. And you can in the comments section below, ask anything you want to know about the device.

Where to buy:

Phone will launch soon (less than 2 weeks time) and will be exclusively sold in Safaricom shops.

Well, for now you can take a good look at the cover that the phone comes with:

Wiko Kkool with Case

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