I know many people have been waiting for the Infinix Zero 4 and the Zero 4 Plus because of all the rumors we’ve been having online.

Well today, Black Friday 2016, is when the new Infinix Zero 4 launches. And it is going for only Ksh. 18499 on Jumia.

The Infinix Zero 4 Plus will launch next week with a bigger display and far much better specs. It will also be, as we are bound to expect, a little costlier compared to this one.

Anyway I have had the Infinix Zero 4 for less than 24hrs and here’s my unboxing and first impressions’ post.

What’s in the Box?

Infinix have stuck to their small, simple but nice packaging. All you get is a small black box written Zero on top.

Everything in the box

When you open it up you’ll get the following:

  • The phone
  • USB Cable
  • Charger
  • Earphones
  • Screen Protector
  • Sim Card remover
  • Plastic Clear Back cover
  • Paperwork

The inclusion of the free back cover amazed me as it is one of those clear back covers that don’t affect the design or look of the phone. Rather they complement it.


I wasn’t so sure, even as of receiving the phone yesterday, what specs it packs. I made sure not to read any reviews from other countries. I didn’t want to affect my first impressions of the device.

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What I have loved:

I want to touch on the things that I have loved since yesterday 1pm.

  • Design
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Fingerprint
  • Video stability
  • Front camera
  • Fast charging
  • Dual SIM, Micro SD Card


I expected very little from the pictures I saw online. I knew I would hate the design immediately I touched it. But that isn’t the case. This is a 5.5 inch phone that doesn’t feel big. It is metallic all through with a glass panel on top. The glass panel is protected. Don’t know if it Gorilla 3 or 4. But it is scratch resistant.

Speaker grills. By default, only one works.
Speaker grills. By default, only one works.

The phone is very light and relatively thin. It feels compact and just the right size for many people who don’t want small phones but dislike huge phones.

I have to add that the earphone jack is at the top. Am I the only one who loves it when they are placed at the bottom next to the USB port.


This is the best thing according to me with this phone. I hope the picture can show why. It is brilliant. And slightly curved all round including at the edges. Colours are perfect. Blacks are total.

Look at that display
Look at that display!

I just love how it looks when off. This is a very well thought of way to make a display. It doesn’t feel premium. It is premium. Everyone who’s seen it from yesterday loves it.

Camera & Video Stability:

Still looking for a good way to show you how the OIS stabilises the videos this phone shoots. I will have a YouTube video soon to show you this.

The back camera, though I haven’t tested all the things it can do, is agreeably good. I only tried some random pictures yesterday. It shoots pretty fast, takes clear and good photos. A full camera test is needed, and I will have one before the holidays.


Though there’s a downgrade from the Zero 3 in terms of processor, I haven’t had any performance qualms with this device. The 3GB RAM is efficient enough. But I will try out heavy apps and a benchmark test.

Front Camera:

The front camera deserves a mention. It is good. It is clear. It takes pretty good videos too. You wait up for the camera review.


The fingerprint is also really fast in response. It is very accurate. And you can use it to unlock phone, receive calls, take photos, scroll through the gallery pictures and lock apps.

Camera with the flash and laser. Plus the fingerprint scanner.
Camera with the flash and laser. Plus the fingerprint scanner.

Fast Charging:

Infinix are calling it X-charge. I think I can argue out living with the 3200mAh battery because of fast charging. I put the phone to charge at 14% at around 5pm yesterday. By 5.30pm it was 82%, if I can remember correctly. And it was full 11 minutes later.

Dual SIM and Micro-SD card:

Most phones nowadays give you the option of either dual SIM Cards or Micro SD Card but not both. The Infinix Zero 4 allows you to enjoy both. One side has the SIM tray with power button and volume rockers. The other side has the Micro-SD card tray.

The Volume and Power Buttons

What I have issues with:

From my first use these past hours, there are things I have found that I don’t really like:

  • Battery life
  • Camera App
  • Camera bump
  • No USB type-C – you get the normal micro-USB port. No USB type-C yet.

Battery Life:

The display uses most of the battery. And being a 3200mAh battery, you feel the juice drain faster especially if like me you’ve been used to 4000mAh+ batteries. If you use it on WiFi the drain isn’t as much as on 3G or 4G.

Maybe the phone needs some optimisations. But you can still on usual use have it last through the day from my estimations. I’ll be sharing stats on my Facebook/Twitter pages.

The good thing though is that the X-charge is brilliantly fast and you can juice up whenever.

Camera App:

The app needs work. Yes there’s a PRO mode. And that’s good. But one can’t change settings we are used to. Like picture size, HDR mode etc.

On video mode, one can’t choose between 720p, 1080p or 4k videos. These tiny issues need fixing.

The Clear Back Cover blends with phone beautifully

Camera Bump:

Yes the camera bumps a little. Don’t think it easily scratches though. But with the free provided back cover, the bump is contained.


There you go. Those are my first thoughts after a few hours. I hope they help you make your decision as it is Black Friday.

If you have any questions, ask them.

You can buy the phone from Jumia starting today at Ksh. 18499.


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