Safaricom announces “Kredo Dabo Dabo” Double Airtime Offer

Safaricom has announced a new Tunukiwa offer for the next 3 months that will see customers get double airtime. Explaining this is hard, so just dial *444# to and then select the Kredo Dabo Dabo offer at the top to see your offers. You’ll get options like these to double your Airtime:

Safaricom announces “Kredo Dabo Dabo” Double Airtime Offer The double airtime can be used across all networks for Calls, SMS and Data consumed out of Bundles.

The Airtime can be used for Calls and SMSs to all networks. And if you browse the internet without a bundle, it’ll also be used. When buying you’ll see that the validity of the airtime will vary between 24hrs and 30 days depending on the offer you select.

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Remember Tunukiwa is customised based on each customers usage and needs. And you may get different offers from other people like we’ve seen with other Tunukiwa Offers.

Data from the Communications Authority of Kenya shows that the minutes of use per month per customer on mobile phone increased by 12.8 minutes between September 2017 and September 2018, from 90.1 minutes to 102.9 minutes; before easing to 99.2 minutes per month by December 2018. How many times do you spend a day calling other people?

The Double Airtime CAN NOT be used to purchase data bundles or any other premium services like Skiza. So don’t buy an offer expecting to use the extra airtime to get more bundles.



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