Infinix & TECNO’s first phones with Pop-up cameras launching soon

Infinix’s first phone with a pop-up selfie camera is set to be announced soon. The rumors aren’t clear what the device name will be, but it’s looking to be one of the devices on the S-line. Given that we’ve already seen the S5 series, this could come with the S6 series. But since the S5 just launched less than 3 months ago, it could be a new variant of the S5 that packs the pop-up selfie. Some rumors suggest the device will be called the S5 Pro. That will bring the total number of S5 variants to 5.

Of course, if Infinix launches a device with a pop up camera, TECNO will also follow suit, given they’re the same company. If you’ve seen the TECNO Camon 12 Air, you know all too well that it is the same as the Infinix S5. Which means we should be expecting a new TECNO phone with a pop up selfie soon enough.

Since there’s an upcoming launch even in Dubai, we should see either of these officially announced pretty soon. Sidenote: I always wonder why Transsion does big launches out of Africa when they majorly sell in Africa. mmmh.

I already said early this year that TECNO and Infinix currently face stiff competition from companies like Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi. And that they will need to really style up, get out of the comfort zone, and do much more if they want to retain the smartphone king moniker they currently hold.

Well, it is more than obvious that the company knows this, and are trying their best to remain on top. That’s why we’ve seen them refresh their devices twice a year, and that’s why we are seeing them get even more aggressive with marketing than they’ve been doing before. Hopefully, it works for them. As for us, the customers, it is but good news. Because it means we will be seeing very competitive prices, and very exciting specs.

We’ve already seen both Infinix and TECNO bring the punch hole camera to devices as cheap as $120, and we can only hope that 2020 brings even more exciting specs at affordable prices. I want to see how the competition reacts to Transsion launches, and more-so prices.

This year – especially with Transsion devices – I hope we get Full HD displays at all levels, better processors, better camera lenses, and removal of unnecessary features, apps, plus ads in the software. I also want to see fast and regular Android Updates.

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  1. I think the S5 Pro is out from Infinix. Just waiting to see what Tecno name their own device with a pop up camera

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