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Infinix S5 Review

The things I like, and those I don't...

This is a quick addition to everything I didn’t cover in my video review. There’s an order I’ll need you to follow before reading this review, if you want to get the full picture on the S5 Model I have – the 4GB RAM, 64GB model that sells for KES. 16,499 RRP. Here’s the order:

  • What’s Different with the S5 – here
  • Video Review – here
  • Camera Review – here
Infinix S5 Review

Once you’re done with that, you can quickly go over the things I like and dislike. Which might help you decide whether or not to pick up this phone.

So the things I like:

  • Design – this is the best looking Infinix phone of 2019. It could easily also be the best looking Transsion device of 2019. Before you ask, yes it is the same exact phone as the TECNO Camon 12 Air, but the back finishes are different, and the finish of the S5 is better.
  • Display – Now get this well, I don’t like the resolution of the screen. But I like that it is a tall display. It doesn’t get bright enough though outdoors, and you’ll need to cover it with your hand every time to see the screen when in bright light.
  • No Notch – I love the punch-hole/cutout camera. It is the distinguishing feature of the phone. It is the best part of the device. It is what will sell the device.
  • Battery Life – The 4000mAh battery manages to last a day and some hours more on normal use. It is the great battery life you expect of most 2019 phones.
  • Main Lens Camera – Only one of the 4 lenses is good. This only falls under things I like because it doesn’t suck. The rest of the lenses are honestly bad. Check the full camera review.
  • Value for Money – Remember you’re getting more RAM and more Storage for less money. Which is where Infinix beats many other companies. How long they can have this as their front for selling many devices however is what I want to see in 2020.
Infinix S5 Review

Things i don’t like:

  • Ads – Transsion needs to know this approach where they try to compensate small profit margins for the hardware, with preloaded bloatware that is intrusive won’t work. Anyone will pick up a Samsung over a Transsion device if they cost the same amount with the same specs. And if there’s a small price gap, someone will still opt for a device with no bloatware, and no adverts.
  • Extra lenses – It is better to stick with one lens if the others are useless. But that won’t sell phones it seems. In 2020, I want to see serious camera lenses on Transsion phones. I want to see better processing so what I see in the viewfinder is what comes out as final image.
  • XOS – Reduce the unnecessary stuff. Let them be optional for people who may want them. Things like bike mode, side-shelf, WhatsApp mode etc. Include a dedicated dark mode. Make the icons look better. Make the experience better. I sometimes wonder if the people who work on the UI actually use the phone as their main device.
  • Charging Speed – I will say it again: I want to see 18W as the standard charging speed on all Transsion devices going forward. And make that over USB type-C. Xiaomi phones that cost way less than the S5 have USB type-C, there’s no excuse.
  • Audio Recording – There’s only one microphone on the Infinix S5. So all audio when shooting a video is recorded in MONO not stereo. Also, calls may not be clear if phone is not close to the mouth.
  • Speaker – This isn’t something one ever complains about, but the speaker on the S5 rattles when you increase the volume just above 60%. There was very little work done on the single speaker, and you’ll notice it if you use your phone speaker a lot. The same is the case with the HOT 8, and the Camon 12 Air.
Infinix S5 Review

Should you get it?

Well, the decision about buying depends on a couple of things:

  • Your budget
  • What storage and RAM you need,
  • Your need for a big phone with a big battery,
  • Your experience with Infinix devices
  • Your preference on the User Interface, and
  • Whether or not you like the cameras (based on my the sample images shared), if you care about cameras.
Infinix S5 Review

The device is undeniably worth Infinix’s asking price. It is the small issues – present in many of their devices – which they’re yet to fix, that could stand between you and your choice to pick the phone as your next daily driver. The choice is yours.


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