Safaricom Permanently Doubles Home Fibre Internet Speeds; Here are the New Prices

In a move that will now make Safaricom sort of the defacto Fixed Internet provider throughout the country, the 2x speeds announced back in March of 2020 as a move to encourage people to work from home will now be permanent. Yes, for the same prices, users will now enjoy double internet speeds. This comes to full effect on March 1st 2021 (so ideally, only then should you complain if you’re not getting the full 2X speeds, and maybe only then will the apps and websites be updated to show the new speeds).

At the end of 2019, Safaricom beat Zuku for the first time in number of fixed connections across the country. This was big news because Safaricom only started offering Home Fibre solutions in 2017 compared to Zuku who started long ago.

In March of 2020, Zuku reclaimed the top spot, but that would later on shift back to Safaricom as more people stayed home with the pandemic.

It was during this pandemic that Safaricom announced double internet speeds for its customers without increasing prices. This has remained the case all-through, and seemingly Safaricom is now sure its platform can handle the extra bandwidth without affecting the experience consumers get.

This is the official statement from Safaricom:

“Safaricom PLC has permanently adjusted the bandwidth for its Home Fibre customers, extending the offer given when the Covid-19 pandemic started nearly a year ago.

The decision effectively means that Home Fibre customers will get about double the bandwidth they have paid for, while Diamond Package customers will get more than double the speed at 250%.

Under the adjusted packages, customers on the Gold and Diamond Packages will enjoy Secure Net service in their package. The changes are effective 1st March 2021…”

The new Safaricom Home Fibre Packages will be as below:

BronzeSilverGold Diamond
Old Speeds5 Mbps10 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps
New Speeds 8 Mbps20 Mbps40 Mbps100 Mbps
PriceKES. 2,900KES. 3,999KES. 5,999KES. 11,999
SecureNetMust pay extra feeMust pay extra feeIncluded with packageIncluded with package

The Bronze Package has only moved from 5Mbps to 8Mbps that’s less than double. While the Diamond Package has moved from 40Mbps to 100Mbps which is more than double.

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