The New M-Pesa App to be ‘launched officially’ this month

Back in December of 2020, I wrote that Safaricom was internally testing a new M-Pesa App. A few days after that article, Safaricom opened up testing to the public, and since then the app has been available for download as an early access test. Nonetheless, everyone who has used it has loved it. I’ve not experienced any issues with it.

The Kenyan Wallstreet is reporting that Safaricom is on course to launch the new App officially this month. And from their article, it seems there’s more that Safaricom will be bringing to the app.

I already shared with you in my review of the app the cool things you can do with the new app. Here’a a quick summary:

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  1. Data focused – you get breakdown of expenditure etc.
  2. SIM card free – You can use the app even if SIM card isn’t on the app, provided you signed up while SIM card was there.
  3. Biometrics – Uses FaceID on iPhones, and Fingerprint scanners to authorise transactions
  4. Receipts – Downloadable receipts in PDF for every transaction you make
  5. Request money from others 
  6. Send to many in one go
  7. Profile Pictures 
  8. QR Codes 
  9. Offline Mode 
  10. And much more.
Safaricom New M-Pesa App

Over the months that the app has been in early-test access, Safaricom has brought in other features including M-Shwari, Buupass, Madaraka Express, and much more. From the different tabs, you can setup savings accounts, buy tickets, buy gas, pay for insurance, and much more.

Essentially, Safaricom is making the new M-Pesa app a “Super App” from where different companies who sell products and services can plug in their stuff on top of the M-Pesa API. So from the app, you will be able to do much more than just paying for bills as has been possible on the mySafaricom App. And Safaricom sees this as a potentially great place to have their investment product Mali.

Back in December of 2019, we learnt of a new M-Pesa product Safaricom was testing called MALI. With Mali, a Safaricom customer will be able to invents in unit trusts while earning daily interest. I wrote a proper explainer on Mali so go and read it.

It seems the first place where Kenyans will get to interact with Safaricom’s Mali is on the new app. There will definitely be a lot of hype when the app launches, so lets’ wait and see what’s coming.



  1. Embed the links to past related stories in your articles. Wacha maringo. Stop telling readers to go search for articles you wrote in 1912. Its poor blogging.

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