Safaricom and Huawei testing new ‘Scan & Order’ Tool for Restaurants

After reports online that Safaricom together with Huawei are working on a Scan to Order feature for restaurants, the two companies have today confirmed the details, and said the feature is currently on trial stages. The two companies explain that the solution is meant to help restaurants digitise their menus and ordering systems, so as to ensure they provide better customer service.

With the tool, Safaricom and Huawei argue that restaurants can also optimise their pricing strategies and do much more thanks to the power of big data.

Here are the benefits Safaricom and Huawei say restaurants will get from using their solution:

  1. Improved efficiency thanks to digitised menus
  2. Better pricing strategies thanks to more data
  3. Easier, quicker payments thanks to M-Pesa of course
  4. Better planning for fresh produce, and handling of supply chains
  5. Realtime feedback between merchants and consumers
  6. Better customer service
  7. Businesses can build loyalty schemes, bonus points management

Currently, the first restaurant where the solution is being tested is Pete’s Cafe. There are plans to expand the service to more restaurants across Nairobi should things pick up, obviously.

For Safaricom, the tool will enable them have more customers paying with M-Pesa at various restaurants. They also stand to get more data on payment habits and much more which will definitely enable them build more solutions.

Safaricom and Huawei have long worked together to build widespread connectivity infrastructure and payments systems. Mobile financial services such as M-PESA are a critical enabler for digital services, facilitating easy transactions between people, businesses and government, and enabling an ecosystem of innovative services. The next step is to develop new digital services that build on these to change lives.

Managing Director of M-PESA Africa and Acting Chief Financial Services Officer, Sitoyo Lopokoiyit started the solution at Pete’s Cafe in Kilimani: “I want to thank Huawei their R&D team and everybody behind Huawei for bringing this solution to life. Thank you Pete’s for being the 1st restaurant to have Scan & Order.”

Pete’s Cafe’ CEO, Pete Owiti said. “We are happy to embrace technology and again to be the first restaurant in Kenya to launch the Scan & Order service together with Huawei and M-PESA. Pete is 100% owned by locals for locals with a global touch. Together we are chasing a digital world!”

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Meng Wei, CEO of Huawei Kenya stated that: “Building on this cooperation, Huawei will continue to work with Safaricom to continuously invest in innovation and support Pete’s Cafe’s digital business development. We will create more innovative services and a richer digital life for all Kenyans. Further bringing the digital world to every person, home and organization in Kenya.”


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