Realme super affordable iPad Competitor launching this September

With the renaissance of Android tablets, this year many manufacturers are looking to get back in to the tablet space. Realme is one of them. They are set to launch their first Android tablet dubbed the realmePad, according to leaks. And of course, anyone making a tablet right now is in a way competing with Apple, the biggest seller of tablets.

According to information from leaks, the tablet will be launching on September 9th. With the launch, the company will now no longer be just a maker of phones, but also of tablets and laptops. They recently launched a laptop, which we hope they’ll bring to the Kenyan market.

realme Pad Specifications:

According to the information online, the realmePad tablet will come with the following specifications:

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  • 10.4-inch 60Hz OLED Display
  • Helio G80
  • 8MP Main Camera with flash
  • 8MP Selfie camera
  • 7100mAh battery
  • 4 Speakers
  • Wi-Fi and 4G LTE Models
  • Android 11 with RealmeUI
  • Rumoured stylus.

The specifications may not appear exciting, yes. Especially that Helio G80 chipset. But this is a device with a 10.4-inch OLED panel. And for an expected price of $230, it is arguably a good compromise.

(The Helio G80 has been on phones like the Infinix NOTE 8 and the TECNO POVA to give you context on its power and performance. It’s not a good chip to power a whole tablet)

But with enough fast RAM and fast Storage, I expect any normal user to have a comfortable experience using the device. Especially since tablets are mainly for reading and watching videos. The choice of an OLED display, and the fact that it has 4 Speakers – which I hope will sound good – this is a device that for the price – will be a really good money-saver for everyone wanting a simple tablet experience.

If realme brings it to the Kenyan market, pricing will be around KES 25,000. If it is so, then get it. Let’s hope it becomes available here soonest after launch.


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