Podcast to be launched by Marketing Society of Kenya and EABL featuring Business Leaders

The Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) has announced a partnership with the East African Breweries Limited (EABL) that will see the launch of a podcast talk show that they say will bring leaders from different sectors to share visions and insights on different business topics.

The society says the podcast will have the different leaders share on the challenges they faced building their businesses and how they resolved the challenges.

The program will be sponsored by EABL while MSK and Capital FM will curate content which will be provided for free. 

According to the society, season one of the podcast, which will consist of thirteen episodes. It will draw more content from a two-day MSK Marketers Conference from October 28, whose contents will first be shared with participants before finally being uploaded on all podcast forums.

What the different parties said about the Podcast:

“We hope to inspire and inform listeners with stories about corporate innovation and entrepreneurship from business leaders and experienced marketers, who will share their real-world experiences and challenges,” said Marketing Society of Kenya Chief Executive Officer Edward Oswe. “There are so many exciting stories about businesses in Kenya and even in the region — each with its own distinct way to advance goals, take advantage of new opportunities, and attain their visions despite the many hurdles and stumbling blocks along the way.”

Mr. Oswe noted “the COVID-19 pandemic had presented marketers and business leaders with unique challenges that require innovative approaches to navigate.” 

“Podcasts are very timely and are very easy to consume, the initiative will enable more people to get informed and improve their knowledge,” Mr. Oswe added. 

EABL head of media futures Ms. Waithera Kabiru urged Kenyans to take advantage of the free content which she said, “has a huge potential to drive growth in respective fields.”

Capital FM commercial director Farida Idris, who spoke during the announcement of the initiative, also urged young innovators to participate in the forum and learn more from key speakers endowed with enormous experience in marketing. 

“The forum will feature all marketing executives who will provide insights on key marketing topics and suggest models that firm should adopt,” she said. 


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