NHIF Services now available on the New M-Pesa App

Safaricom has today announced that the NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) now has a mini-app within the new M-Pesa App – an ambitious project where the Telco wants to have customers access as many services as possible from one app.

From the mini app, you will be able to access all NHIF services which Safaricom says empowers customers to do all things without needing a separate app or visiting NHIF offices.

NHIF says payment and account reconciliation services are already live on the mini-app, with procedure approvals set to become available soon. 

With the new M-Pesa app, Safaricom has a Discover Tab within which you can find a couple of mini apps that allow you to access services from different companies and providers without leaving the app. Some of the services currently available as Mini Apps within the M-Pesa app include: AAR Insurance, BuuPass, GiftPesa, CPF, DSTV, E-Bima, Madarak Express, MDaktari, MGas, Minet, MTickets, and ProGas.

According to Safaricom, the new Super App has been downloaded by more than 3.8 Million customers since launch.

Statements from NHIF and Safaricom CEOs:

“NHIF is currently undertaking a digital transformation of all its processes, including the registration & identification of members, claims management and payment mechanisms. In line with the Universal Health Care (UHC) scale-up, the Fund has been adopting innovative ways to ease business costs and time. Partnering with Safaricom will enable NHIF to offer members seamless services and accomplish our goal to broaden access to healthcare by reaching our customers wherever they are. Furthermore, the M-PESA Mini-App will save millions of members both the cost and time to access services and enable the Fund to become more efficient by drastically reducing the administrative cost of having to provide services physically,” said Dr Peter Kamunyo, CEO – National Hospital Insurance Fund. 

“The M-PESA Mini-Apps are a key innovation designed to empower a customer to run different day-to-day tasks and errands from the convenience of their phone. We are delighted to partner with NHIF on this  M-PESA Mini App which will provide millions of customers with the convenience to access health insurance services on the go, saving them time and money,” said Peter Ndegwa, CEO -Safaricom. 

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