Airtel’s Developer Portal upgraded for quick Airtel Money API integration

Airtel has announced it has upgraded its Africa Developer Portal to drive better efficiency for businesses to engage in seamless mobile money activity with its dedicated mobile money platform, Airtel Money. The upgraded portal with its several Open APIs, now integrates remote payments with Airtel Money wallets, so as to provide easier access for their mobile money services across multiple business sectors, and across different regions on the continent.

With the upgraded portal, Airtel Money is better enabled to respond to the rise in popularity around digital money services and e-commerce platforms across Africa. The company says the highly secure and seamless portal was created especially for merchants and e-commerce businesses to create, discover and integrate into their fast growing library of Open APIs. The APIs on the portal will allow merchants to both collect Airtel Money payments and disburse them into Airtel Money wallets.

The company says over 400 businesses are now actively using the service in the pilot phase across different African markets. They say multiple business sectors such as e-commerce, pay-as-you-go solar, cross-border remittances, insurance, government services, healthcare, agricultural technology companies, crowdfunding, ride-hailing, savings, credit operatives and more are benefiting from the portal.

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Businesses can access the developer portal and Airtel’s API library by using the following URL: and signing up to get started.

Once a business logs in to the portal, they’re free to explore the API documentation and start integrating by registering an application. After an application is registered, new products can be added for either single or multiple countries. After the completion of onboarding and integration, they can go live.

Airtel says the Developer Portal was created by their Africa Digital Labs which is the digital force behind Airtel Africa. The hub builds technology platforms and digital products to develop cutting edge solutions for the company’s customers.

The company’s Mobile Commerce BV CEO, Vimal Kumar Ambat said: “The new Africa Developer Portal with our fintech Open APIs will enable a wide range of businesses to quickly and easily integrate with Airtel Money for digital payments. The Portal has a vast range of possibilities and will make a positive impact to multiple businesses, whether they require to collect payments from Airtel Money customers or they need to disburse payments to beneficiaries. The Portal further contributes to Airtel Africa’s vision of bridging the digital divide, increasing financial inclusion and helping to transform the lives of our customers.”

Airtel Africa Group Chief Information Officer, Neelesh Singh added: “The Airtel Africa Developer Portal is a testament to the work of the Digital Labs team. We build products that deliver financial empowerment and drive innovation across the entire customer experience, combining smarter technology with smarter thinking. We are focused on solving complex problems with the latest technologies and the Developer Portal is just one example of how we are committed to turning this vision into a reality.”



  1. AIRTEL you are delaying our services with your slow turn around time to respond to emails. How long does it take to go LIVE? the select product is not selectable its not available when you want to go LIVE i have written 100s emails to go live the whole of this yr ,how long will you be on pilot stage just release the APIs we are developers we know how to manoeuver, but for sure Airtel API will create many opportunity across Africa,

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