Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Netflix ‘Fast Laughs’ is a TikTok-like feed of Funny Movie Clips

I’ve just noticed a new column on my Netflix Android App. It is called ‘Fast Laughs’ and looks and works just like TikTok. A quick check online reveals the feature was announced back in March of 2021. Netflix said the feature was only available on iPhones in select countries with an Android rollout expected later on.

It seems the rollout is happening now. So if you’re in Kenya, you might already be seeing the column, or it may be available in the coming days. It looks and works just like TikTok:

  • There’s auto-scrolling
  • Everything is in portrait mode, and
  • All the clips last just a few seconds.

The clips are from different movies and shows on the Netflix platform. They’re all humorous (though your mileage may vary). They’re meant to be a quick way of not only getting a laugh but of finding a movie or show to watch.

Netflix on their blog post already put a disclaimer that the clips won’t be appropriate for all age audiences. This is something to consider before letting kids interact with the column. Some of the jokes are totally not age-appropriate.

TikTok has taken over the internet. Last year, according to Cloudflare, became the top site on the internet. For a long time, Google has enjoyed the top spot, but things are changing.

We’ve seen a lot of apps introduce TikTok-like feeds in an effort to keep people on their platforms. From Twitter’s revamped Explore page, to Pinterest’s home scrolling, to Instagram Reels and YouTube’s Shorts. Everyone has copied TikTok, and it isn’t an irrational fear to think soon the whole internet may look like TikTok.


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