Last year, Nigeria’s Eden Life completed a $1.4 Million seed round. Today, the company has announced official expansion into Kenya. This has been complemented by their acquisition of Lynk, which has been connecting informal workers to job opportunities across Kenya. Eden Life says the acquisition of Lynk was brokered by Enza Capital.

Launched in Nigeria in 2019, Eden Life’s seeks is to connect busy professionals with concierge services. It offers users a subscription service that delivers high quality chef-cooked meals, laundry services, home cleaning and a new additional beauty & wellness service for users in Nairobi.

Eden Life is looking to build on its success in Lagos where it has had 80% retention rate in the last twelve months, with a 15% MoM growth.

In addition to being able t select the specific chores that need to be carried out, Eden Life allows users to continually give feedback on all aspects of service delivery. These include the quality of the service, to the user experience.

Eden Life says the app has been built to aggregate data based on customer preference and offer suggestions based on prior experience. This is in additions to features such as delivery time tracking, payments and billing, and user notifications to help provide visibility and trust. Chores are overseen by “Gardeners” who are highly trained professionals who work with Eden Life service providers and end-users to ensure a seamless service.

The App is available on both the Google Play Store, and the App Store.

What they said:

Akinyi Ooko-Ombaka, Country Lead at Eden Life Kenya, commented: “It’s truly exciting to continue the phenomenal legacy of the Lynk platform and be part of the evolution in recreating  smart-service delivery solutions for busy Nairobians to manage their work-play lifestyle. The combination of the technology that powered Lynk to empower informal workers and the data-rich Eden Life app presents an immense opportunity to grow not just the menu of services, but also the number of people who can benefit from the platform.”

Nadayar Enegesi, Co-Founder at Eden Life and Co-founder at Andela, added, “We’re thrilled to build on the incredible growth we’ve achieved in Nigeria and to bring the Eden Life philosophy to connect quality service providers with consumers in a whole new way. Combining our platform with the knowledge and market experience of Lynk is a real dream matchup and we’re excited to work with our new team of world-class colleagues.”

“Lynk leveraged technology to pioneer an industry in East Africa that provided training, support, career growth and income for thousands of informal workers since inception, and we are enthusiastic about this development. Eden Life’s proven track record of delivering quality home services in Nigeria, while now leveraging on what Lynk has built in Kenya, reinforces the positive trend and opportunity that increasingly exists in major urban centres across Africa.” said Mike Mompi, General Partner at Enza Capital. 


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