Kenya Power Home Internet, Lit Fibre, to be available in 2023

Kenya Power is geared to launch Lit Fibre, its Internet Solution by June 2023. This will be their fixed internet solution that we talked about a while ago when we asked if they can be trusted to provide reliable connectivity.

According to the Business Daily, the Kenya Power Internet solution pilot has already been running with a number of corporate customers on-board for the past few months.

The company has over 7000km of Fibre attached to their transmission lines. They’ve been leasing out these to other Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This means their entry into the Internet business won’t require much, and they will be able to cover many parts of the country within a short period.

Demand for fixed internet services is going up on the daily. Internet access has moved from being a luxury to being a necessity. With more people requiring an internet connection for work, entertainment and more, having a reliable fixed connection is the way to go. A fixed connection is also cheaper on the long term compared to purchasing limited bundles.

The fixed internet market is currently dominated by Safaricom Fibre and Wananchi Group’s Zuku. other providers include Jamii Telecoms, Liquid Telecom and many more small players. The problem is almost all of these providers are only available in urban areas, and most only the affluent residential areas.

According to the Communications Authority, the fixed internet market is very much untapped. Kenya Power, should they be very determined, and should they actually invest in ensuring proper speeds and reliable customer care, have a good chance of taking up fair share of the market in no time since they have a vast network across the country.

It’ll be interesting to see how Kenya Power does it. They have the infrastructure, they have the resources, they know their customers. The need for internet is also ever growing. Lit Fibre is a great name by the way!

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