Google’s ChatGPT competitor, BARD, is finally here

OpenAI’s ChatGPT definitely took the world by storm. Everyone has been talking about it and how you can do a myriad of things with it. Well, Google not to be left behind (especially being Google, duh!) has today announced BARD. This is the company’s answer to ChatGPT.

Currently BARD is only open to a few trusted testers. However, in the coming weeks, the Search Giant will be opening up the service to more users.

This of course points out the fact that the project seemingly is being done in a hurriedly manner. Why? Because of course, ChatGPT is what everyone’s talking about now. Google needs an answer ASAP.

We’ve seen lots of news articles saying huge tech companies have been looking for their answers to ChatGPT, Google especially. The Search company even went ahead to call back its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to tackle the threat of ChatGPT.

As of now, there’s close to zero details on what Google’s BARD can do. We just have a long blog post from Sundar Pichai. I’ve not read everything, thanks to ChatGPT which I asked to summarise everything in point form.

So here are the main takeaways:

  • Google has developed an experimental conversational AI service called Bard powered by its Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). Bard is initially being tested with a lightweight version of LaMDA.
  • AI has been used to improve search with advanced Transformer models like BERT and MUM. The company is working on integrating the latest AI advancements into its products starting with Search.
  • The company is planning to onboard individual developers, creators, and enterprises to try its Generative Language API powered by LaMDA. It aims to provide a suite of tools and APIs to make it easier to build innovative AI applications.
Google's ChatGPT competitor, BARD, is finally here
I asked ChatGPT to summarise Sundar Pichai’s announcement of BARD.

So from the announcement it seems Google is basically saying whatever OpenAI can do with ChatGPT we will be doing soon, on a lite version of our full ability. And we heard that Microsoft is bringing those features to Bing, so will we.

Google will be holding a whole event on 8th February that will focus on search, artificial intelligence and more. Let’s hope from there we will get to see exactly what BARD is.


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