Netflix is reducing prices in Kenya; Here are the 2023 Charges

As Netflix gears up to limit password sharing, the company is now introducing a cheaper pricing model for its subscription tiers in Kenya. The new prices are expected to be updated from today, and will be as shown in the table below.

Netflix pricing in Kenya in 2023:

Old PricesKES 300KES 700KES 1,100KES 1,450
New PricesKES 200KES 300KES 700KES 1,100

It will be interesting to see how competition reacts. Especially Showmax, who’ve been very pro-active in terms of offers while trying to sign up new members. Companies like Prime Video may not bother to re-align their pricing as they have a single standard charge.

Can’t see the new Netflix Prices just yet?

Well, Netflix says new members who sign up will see the new price for the plans immediately. The update will roll out to existing members over the coming weeks from their next billing cycle. Existing members will be notified by email, as well as within the Netflix app 30 days before the new prices are applied to them (this is only for auto-upgrades). The exact timing will depend on the specific member’s billing cycle.

Netflix says it has been investing heavily in great new shows and films over the last few years. The company is promising a great upcoming TV and film slate in the future months including Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Young, Famous & African season 2, Luther: The Fallen Sun, Murder Mystery 2, Extraction 2 as well as recently launched titles like Glass Onion: Knives Out, Wednesday, Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical, Wednesday, Emily in Paris, Pinnochio, The Witcher, Disconnect: The Wedding Planner, A Sunday Affair, Kings of Joburg and more.

Password sharing:

It is not clear how Netflix is looking to implement limits to password sharing in Kenya. However, it is clear that lowering price for subscriptions and encouraging more users to sign up is part of the long-term strategy. I already outlined my thoughts on password sharing arguing that Netflix’s subscription model and pricing is the real reason people share passwords, while pooling to pay.

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