Ericsson’s Commitment at Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023

Ericsson Pledges to Propel Africa's Digital Advancement at Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023

Ericsson says it is doubling down on its unwavering commitment to foster digital acceleration and sustainable growth across Africa. The global telecommunications giant is gearing up for its participation at the highly anticipated Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023, scheduled to run from October 17 to October 19, 2023. This event promises to be a pivotal moment in shaping Africa’s digital future.

At the heart of Ericsson’s mission is the belief in the transformative power of connectivity. The company is set to engage in substantive discussions on how connectivity can be harnessed to fuel sustainable digital and economic expansion on the African continent. Ericsson’s agenda for the congress revolves around three key pillars: enhancing digital and financial inclusion, driving industrial progress through digitalization, and promoting sustainability in tandem with the digital revolution.

A core element of Ericsson’s commitment is the endeavor to stimulate sustainable growth in Africa through the proliferation of 4G and 5G technology. These advanced networks hold the promise of catapulting Africa into a digital age characterized by unprecedented opportunities and connectivity. During the event, Ericsson will shed light on how its cutting-edge technology and digital solutions are strategically positioned to address the pressing connectivity needs of the continent.

One compelling statistic underscores the urgency and potential of Ericsson’s mission in Africa. According to the Ericsson Mobility Report for June 2023, Sub-Saharan Africa is poised to experience the most rapid growth in total mobile data traffic globally. This growth is forecasted to surge by an impressive 37 percent annually between 2022 and 2028. The driving force behind this surge lies in the concerted efforts of service providers across the continent to invest in robust 4G networks and migrate customers from 2G and 3G systems. Furthermore, a four-fold increase in smartphone usage is expected during this period, with average data consumption per active smartphone user predicted to reach 19 GB per month by 2028.

Ericsson’s journey in Africa spans over a century, marked by a legacy of connecting people and nations. From pioneering the first-generation 1G networks to ushering in the era of advanced 5G networks, Ericsson has been at the forefront of technological evolution. Its collaborative efforts with telecom partners across Africa have been instrumental in bringing limitless connectivity and boundless opportunities to the continent.

As Ericsson prepares to make its mark at Mobile World Congress Kigali 2023, we can expect to witness a vibrant showcase of its latest portfolio offerings and innovative solutions. These solutions are primed to accelerate Africa’s digitalization journey and empower its people. Ericsson’s vision, encapsulated by the hashtag #AfricaInMotion, envisions an Africa that is digitally connected and thriving in the global arena.

To stay updated on Ericsson’s contributions to Africa’s digital transformation, follow the hashtags #ImaginePossible and #AfricaInMotion during the event. These tags will serve as your window into the exciting developments that are set to shape the future of Africa’s digital landscape.


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