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Amini raises $4M for AI-driven African environmental data solutions

Amini, a Nairobi-based climate tech startup specialising in artificial intelligence and satellite technology, has successfully raised $4 million in a seed funding round. This round was led by Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce’s global investment arm, and Female Founders Fund, a venture fund investing exclusively in female-founded companies. This significant investment comes after Amini’s $2 million pre-seed funding round in March 2023, highlighting the growing confidence in the company’s innovative approach to addressing Africa’s environmental data gap.

Founded by AI and technology expert Kate Kallot, Amini aims to create the ultimate African environmental data collection and intelligence infrastructure. The company is making strides in developing an AI ecosystem tailored to emerging markets, with a focus on sectors such as food and beverage and consumer packaged goods. Amini’s technology is designed to transform supply chains into sustainable and regenerative operations, benefiting both human and natural capital.

Amini’s collaboration with global professional services firm Aon exemplifies its impact, offering new opportunities for corporates, farmers, and regulators in the agricultural value chain. Amini’s technology, which includes real-time monitoring tools and machine learning models, provides insights into various environmental aspects, from soil health to water usage and crop health.

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The recent funding will accelerate Amini’s growth into new sectors and support its expansion. With its unique position in the market, Amini is set to play a significant role in transforming global food systems and addressing climate risks in supply chains. This is particularly relevant as new regulations in the U.S. and Europe require corporations to disclose climate risks.

Amini’s success story is not just about technological innovation but also represents a step towards a sustainable future for global food security, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa, which holds 65% of the world’s untapped arable land. Amini’s data and insights can empower farmers with the knowledge needed for optimal practices, potentially triggering a development wave crucial for feeding the world amid climate change challenges.

As Amini celebrates its rapid development since its conception at COP27, the startup is gearing up for a significant presence at COP28 in the UAE, showcasing its commitment to environmental solutions and sustainable growth. With this latest round of funding, Amini stands as a beacon of innovation and a testament to the potential of technology and AI to drive positive environmental and economic transformation in Africa and beyond.


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