Airtel Rolls out ‘Customer Care on Wheels’ Bus in Western Kenya

Airtel is rolling out a unique customer care approach that brings its services closer to its subscribers. This is coming to a region where finding an Airtel agent or shop has been very hard, especially in the rural areas. The company has launched a mobile customer care unit, dubbed the ‘Airtel Customer Care on Wheels’, that travels across the Western region of Kenya, offering personalized and convenient support to its customers. Hopefully, this move changes the experience for many customers who’ve hard a hard time accessing various services.

The Airtel bus, which was inaugurated in Kisumu, serves as a central customer care hub that caters to the needs of the subscribers in the region. Customers can access a variety of services from the bus, such as SIM card replacements, product upgrades, Airtel Money transactions, home broadband queries, bill payment inquiries, and many more. The bus is also equipped with a KYC update system that allows customers to verify their identity and comply with the regulatory requirements.

The ‘Airtel Customer Care on Wheels’ is operated by Airtel customer experience executives, who the company says are trained to handle a wide range of customer queries and issues. The bus travels to different locations within the region, reaching out to customers who may not have easy access to a customer care center. The bus also provides customers with the opportunity to interact with the Airtel brand and learn more about its products and offers.

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This initiative is a significant step towards fulfilling Airtel’s promise of providing convenient access to its services, increasing its customer service footprint across the country. It also demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing the customer experience and satisfaction, by eliminating the barriers that have hindered some communities from accessing its customer care support.

Airtel says it remains committed to offering its subscribers top-notch customer experience as evidenced by the convenience brought about by the ‘customer care on wheels bus.’ The company is planning to expand this initiative to other regions in the country, to ensure that all its customers enjoy the benefits of its innovative and customer-centric approach.


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