Friday, February 21, 2020
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And I am sad that big Xiaomi devices are now officially gone. We'd known since June that there wouldn't be a Mi Max device launching
In a world where everyone copies everyone, it is important to stand out. And in many cases, standing out means being thought to be weird. It is weird at first, and then it becomes the new normal.
Telkom Kenya is offering 30GB for only KES. 1000 bob. It is the best deal in the market currently, and how it has been divided into 1GB daily makes it even better in terms of long-term use.
Safaricom has ended Vendor support, and the only things you can currently get are phones from Safaricom Shop.
Xiaomi has everything: from umbrellas, to laptops, to smartphones, to cameras, to cookers, to bags, and towels. Their devices are both high quality, and affordable. And it is easy to get hooked.
The conversation around internet bundles expiring is one that's taking shape across the continent
Technology can only disrupt Matatus if the technology is smart. If not, then SWVL risks becoming a venture that could work, but failed because of bad planning.
OnePlus refresh cycles are crazy. A new phone in less than 6 months is a crazy upgrade cycle for a company that came up as a flagship killer, and now competes with big makers.
Dealing with Work Stress! How to Beat the Burnout
Huawei's next flagship smartphone will not come with Google's popular apps including Maps and YouTube. According to BBC, Google has confirmed this due to the ongoing US government ban on Huawei.
Safaricom Alpha department launched over a year ago an App called Bonga - later renamed to Zwupp! - that was meant to bring M-Pesa to Chat in a unique way we'd only seen WeChat from China do.
First it was Apple, and now Samsung has followed suit. The headphone jack is going away. The reasons given are all weird. And there's nothing we can do about it.
Startups BRCK and Swvl partner on free Wi-Fi for Kenyan ride-hail buses
Safaricom has announced plans to expand its e-commerce proposition Masoko to other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa by year 2020.
SWVL allows you to get to where you want to go by booking a seat in a bus. Buses have specific junctions where they pickup and dropoff other passengers.
Dell Vostro