Friday, February 26, 2021
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My opinion on various things. Posts that are “highly opinionated” fall here.

Facebook is really bullying us to accepting its new policies with WhatsApp. If we don't like it, the only option we have is to quit the app completely. So how can we make everyone quit? The answer lies in policy.
Whenever we try and make something simple, more accessible, and easier to use, that ease of use brings about the opportunity for a bad player to find ways to con an unsuspecting user who may not be too tech-savvy to notice.
In 2021, I hope TECNO and Infinix take more seriously things that have bugged most of its users over the years. These are: the User Interface, Frequent Software Updates, and USB Type-C
Companies that mocked Apple for removing the charger, are now planning on doing the same. Samsung and Xiaomi will both remove the charger in their upcoming devices, eating up their own trolling.
IoT can also be used to track items and individuals, which is not as invasive as it sounds. You can use personal trackers to monitor people who are vulnerable so you can make sure that they are taking their medication or see if they are in trouble.
The industry owes its success to the advancement in mobile technology. With the recent boom in the sector, a whole new door for a generation of modern gamers was opened.
According to surveys, more than 53% of the people who view online videos watch it for entertainment and inspiration. From Netflix shows to small YouTube videos, people stream the content because they are either getting entertained or inspired.
While people’s awareness of privacy issues is rising, most of us still only have a general understanding of why it matters, with 37% of millennials thinking that they are too boring to be the victim of cybercrime.
I think being Apple's first try, the M1 chips are really good, but there's a lot more they must have held back before the transition is complete. I expect crazier numbers with the more powerful 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. And I expect even crazier performance with the iMacs and Mac Pros to come.
While Safari is good with performance and battery life, I believe Microsoft Edge beats it by just being a better Google Chrome. So you're getting the same stuff you'd get with Google Chrome but maintaining the great performance, and great battery life from Safari.
Twitter has finally joined the bandwagon. From today on the stories feature we’ve seen take over social media sites (including LinkedIn for some reason) – now called fleets by Twitter
Technology is more prevalent and influential in some parts of the world than in others. It’s often maligned as a source of inequality, disproportionately benefitting wealthy western economies while doing little for the world’s poor. But this gloomy outlook is not borne out by the data.
If you're looking to get the new PlayStation 5 (PS5), or the new Xbox Series X and Series S in Kenya, you must have realised the pricing is very high, while you're not even assured you'll get it on time.
If you're planning on switching from Windows to a Mac device, you most definitely want to know what you'll be gaining and what you'll be losing, and this post helps.
Google has ended free backups for life on Google Photos. But this isn't the first time the company is doing such a thing, and they can never be trusted for anything going forward