Why is Samsung Good Lock still not available in my region?

Recently, Samsung has launched the S24 Series and these will be their most expensive S-series in Kenya to date. Reviews online are already calling the S24 Ultra the best phone to get, and as always such positive first looks really influence sales. So when the phones finally hit the market starting in February, there will be a good number of Kenyans jumping in on the queues to get themselves one. However, amidst this excitement, there’s a growing question that lingers in the minds of many: Why is Samsung’s acclaimed Good Lock still not available in our region?

Good Lock, the revolutionary software suite developed by Good Lock Labs in collaboration with Samsung, has been a game changer in personalising the user interface and experience on Samsung Galaxy devices since its inception in April 2016. Available through the Galaxy Store, it has been lauded by tech enthusiasts and reviewers as a ‘must-have’ for any Galaxy phone owner. But, despite its widespread acclaim and the increasing demand for Samsung phones in Kenya, Good Lock remains conspicuously absent in the region.

The ability to customize and change numerous features on a device is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for many. With Good Lock, users have the power to tweak their quick panel, lock screens, volume sliders, animations, S-Pen settings, and theme pack, among other things. This level of customisation is not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality and making the device truly personal. Many of the recent reviews of the new S24 Ultra have showcased stunning customisations made possible by Good Lock, setting expectations for new users. Imagine the frustration of eager customers who, upon purchasing the S24 Ultra, find that they can’t access these customisation options because Good Lock isn’t available in Kenya.

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Moreover, the versatility of Good Lock extends beyond the S-Series. It’s compatible with a wide range of Galaxy phones, indicating that its unavailability is a significant missed opportunity for a large segment of Samsung users in the region. This limitation not only dampens the excitement around new launches but also raises questions about Samsung’s commitment to providing a uniform experience to its global user base.

As Kenyans eagerly line up to purchase the latest Samsung offering, the absence of Good Lock in the region remains a glaring oversight. It’s time for Samsung to address this issue. The tech giant must recognise the importance of software personalisation and make Good Lock accessible to all its users worldwide, including those in Kenya. The question remains: When will Samsung unlock the full potential of its devices for everyone?


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