Friday, November 27, 2020
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The cost of handsets has become a significant barrier to mobile Internet adoption and use
You cannot sell stuff with people locked-down in their houses, now can you? Hence the rush for online shopping and deliveries. Before you wonder where I am going with this article... no, I am not making fun of them. I am only wondering why it took a pandemic for companies and businesses to take online shopping seriously
Apple wants to control the smartphone market completely. They want for there to be a good iPhone at all price points and they're slowly going to make it happen.
Details of 20 million Aptoide app store users leaked on a hacking forum. Hacker claims to be in possession of 39 million Aptoide user records. Leaks 20 million today.
The new iPhone SE 2 checks very many boxes for a smartphone, and more. The inclusion of wireless charging, plus water resistance at this price point is a weird decision one could never imagine of Apple just a few years ago. How many phones for $399 do you know with such features?
Telkom launched T-Kash Mobile Money in March of 2018. Two years later, things aren't rosy at all. It was bound to fail, as it was a complete rip off of M-Pesa with no new offerings.
Article by Deryl Aduda. Follow him on Twitter @DerylAduda. "Vladimir Putin has dropped 800 tigers and lions all over the country to push people to stay home…. Stay safe Everyone!!” says the latest message that has just been forwarded...
Working from Home? Or just want good internet while you're at home? In Kenya, you have two option: MiFi dongles so you buy bundles, or wired with home fibre connections, but this is dependent on where you live.
Huawei P40 series unveiled with 50MP camera, 90Hz panel, 5x tele camera and a design that's incredibly beautiful, fragile-looking and futuristic. It's a shame the Android we are used to won't be here.
Counterpoint research is well known for its market analyses. They're a global industry analysis firm who track market trends in over 50 countries, with over 300 brands tracked.
Do NOT buy phones with Micro-USB ports in 2020 because the future is Type-C and it makes no sense to spend money on an old standard that's being replaced in all gadgets.
Why people love YouTube React videos...
You can find electronic devices, lifestyle items, PCs, phones and other various accessories.
A ride for KES. 200 would make sense hadn't the company gone ahead and brought in bad serviced, small 14-seater vans. But since it's now just a matatu to get from an app, no one should pay more than 80 shillings.
It is a sad thing that ever since Google decided to kill the app for no reason, nothing has replaced it, and the normal Gmail still sucks.