Sunday, February 28, 2021
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When SWVL launched, it was a new approach to transport as we'd never seen before. The buses were different, clean, organised, and time-based. This was in contrast to the noisy matatu industry.
Here are things you should consider if you're planning on switching from an Android device to an iPhone in Kenya. Plus why getting a new Android Phone makes more sense than an old iPhone.
With Safaricom's new 'Pochi la Biashara' the company is finally introducing small fixes to the big privacy issue currently affecting all M-Pesa users who rely on the platform.
TECNO and Infinix needed to convince customers a lot more on why they should pick up their devices over say a Xiaomi, Vivo, realme, OPPO, or Samsung phone.
While one CANNOT say Safaricom got to its position unfairly, it would be unfair to say there's still a chance for any other company to rise, or even compete with them. That fact effectively makes them a monopoly.
MagSafe appears to be such a simple and cool approach to wireless charging that I bet many companies out there are currently wondering why they never thought of it
'OverHere' allows you to buy now, pay later while using device should you trust them? What data do they want from you? Are they the real deal, or is there something else you should know?
Ramtons aims to make lives in the home and kitchen easier through innovative products, ample availability and strong after-sales support. Our focus is always on making our customer's lives more convenient.
From the many phones I've received on my desk to review, I've noticed one thing. All of them support the Faiba 4G network. That's for both voice calls, and data.
Organisations need to be able to adapt at the same speed as this new technology and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. This will ensure business continuity and resilience in the long term. So what’s next for the cloud?
realme is now finally officially in Kenya. And from the online launch we've seen today, they aren't here for jokes. There's 4 new devices for Kenyans to choose from, and they're all really cool phones!
We already established that making smartphones affordable should be one of Africa’s top priorities and that the cost of handsets has become a significant barrier to mobile Internet adoption and use in this region. But we're seeing that companies are finding ways either already suggested in the linked article above, or through partnerships, of bring handsets to the masses.
Industry leaders believe that in the medium term, 4G will be the layer of choice for global mobile communications, while 5G will mainly be used in more industrial communications.
People, countries and organisations are rising to these challenges, often using our evolving telecommunications capabilities. However, the new era has come with opportunities, which innovators have also been able to grasp, thanks to 4G connectivity.
After upgrading to iPadOS 14 public beta and expecting a whole new array of things, I realised painfully that only Scribble is the exciting new thing anyone waiting for iOS 14 should be looking forward to.